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2014 Letter From the Owner


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AFS Clients,

It’s hard to believe I’m back around to writing another end of the year message. It seemed like I was just sitting here penning last year’s letter to all of you, and here we are again. As many of you know, this message is my annual tradition of reflecting on the year at AFS, as well as looking forward to the year to come.

What continually amazes me each time I write this letter is how much things change from year-to-year (and over the years). It was only 7 years ago we had just 30 clients, 1400 square feet of gym space, and one employee (me). Now, we have over 1,500 clients, 8,100 square feet, and a staff of over 20! We are also on the verge of our biggest change since we opened the doors here in Ann Arbor – a second location!

Through all the changes here at AFS, the single factor that is more evident to me now than ever is who acts as the catalyst for this change – you, our loyal and hard-working clients. It is you who is responsible for our growth; your hard work, your results, your referrals, your kind words, and your challenges for us to be better and make us grow. For that, on behalf of my entire team, I sincerely thank you.

2014 was a tremendous growth year for AFS from an infrastructure standpoint. The rollout of CMS 2.0 was the culmination of 12 months of planning, designing, and development. CMS 2.0 is now the continually evolving technological platform that will act as the foundation for our expansion while ensuring we maintain a high quality of service. The continued development of our operational technology is critical to our growth strategy, and essential to maintaining the highest level of customer service possible. Needless to say, we are working tirelessly to improve CMS and to make for a better user experience. I must commend Devin and the development team at Logic Solutions (an Ann Arbor-based tech company) for their efforts in our software development.

Certainly, the biggest change of 2014 was the completion of Devin’s ownership training and the purchase of a building for our second location in Plymouth. I am incredibly excited about this first step toward bringing our brand of fitness solutions to the masses, and I couldn’t be any happier to be doing it with Devin, who I trust and respect tremendously.

2015 will represent the culmination of my goal of over 15 years to own a multiple facility fitness organization that provides the highest level of service in the industry. In 2015, we will continue to invest in and to grow our infrastructure, systems, and programs. With our second location, I am more focused and committed than ever to maintaining the highest level of customer service possible. Furthermore, our second location will add financial and staff resources that will drive development of our systems and programs to a whole new level. I am very excited for you to see what the future holds!

In closing, I must thank my staff who everyday faces the daunting task of meeting my high expectations, and doing so with enthusiasm and passion. First, let me recognize Jared who has served AFS tirelessly over the past 5+ years (taking no sick days and only one vacation day). He is a fantastic leader, and I am excited for his promotion to management. A big congratulations (and thank you) goes out to all of staff who has been promoted this past year (Jared to Fitness Director, Alexus to Assistant Operations Manager, and Abe, Margaret, and Kemper to Practitioner).

I must publically thank Bethany and Alexus for their hard work (along with the whole admin team). I also want to thank Nate (and the marketing team) for their efforts in managing our growth. Lastly, I must thank my incredibly supportive and understanding wife Lisa, who finds it in her heart to put up with my ever-expanding work weeks.

To each and every one of you, I thank you for your support and loyalty as a client. On behalf of my team, we make the collective pledge to do everything possible to provide you with an even greater experience in 2015!

Happy Holidays! Here’s to a fit, fun, and fantastic 2015!

Yours in Health,

Michael E. Stack, BS CFP CSCS*D CPS
President & Exercise Physiologist
Applied Fitness Solutions


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