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Why Your Back Won’t Leave You Alone (And How to Fix it)


It’s time to part ways with your old friend, Back Pain. Here’s how:

Ah, back pain. It’s a pain in the back and seems to be something more and more of us can relate to as we age, become more active, or even just randomly sit down or move the wrong way.

Luckily, there’s hope! The back is an important and sensitive area for so many of our daily activities, so it goes without saying that it’s pretty important to make sure you take the right precautions to not only fix your back pain, but prevent it in the future. That’s where Dr. David Swain of REACH Rehab + Chiropractic comes in.

Join Dr. Swain/REACH on Tuesday, August 14th at 7:00pm for a special interactive workshop: Why Your Back Won’t Leave You Alone (And How to Fix it)!

  • Gain an understanding of your back pain

  • Learn the early warning signs of back and joint pain

  • Learn what you can do to help your own back and joint pain

  • Dispel common myths and misconceptions of back pain

The Details:

  • Who: Anyone who likes saving money and learning effective ways to stay healthy, active, and functional 🙂
  • What: An interactive workshop by Dr. David Swain from REACH Rehab + Chiropractic on how to fix your back and, consequently, other orthopedic issues!
  • Where: Upstairs WLS room of Applied Fitness Solutions-Plymouth. 40700 Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170.
  • When: Tuesday, August 14th at 7:00pm

Meet the man himself!

Hey there! I’m Dr. David Swain, a chiropractor and native Michigander, born and raised in Metro Detroit. I attended Western Michigan University for undergraduate training earning a B.Sc in Interdisciplinary Health Services. Furthermore, I went on to earn my Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Chicago, IL.

While attending NUHS, I was a graduate teaching assistant in the Anatomy and Physiology Department under the supervision of Dr. Khan, MD. In addition, I’ve earned over 250 hours of advanced coursework in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method), Pain Mechanism Classification Systems, which was founded at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and coursework in manipulation and manual therapy from the Motion Palpation Institute.

I have a passion for helping people, providing solutions to their frustrations — it’s what got me into Chiropractic. Additionally I utilize a reliable evidence-based mechanical assessment, the McKenzie Method (MDT). Because pain and disability can be difficult to handle and at times frustrating, MDT is aimed to help you understand and solve your problems!

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We’re excited to host Dr. David and we can’t wait to see you all there! Each guest will receive a complimentary lumbar roll for attending 🙂

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