WellBeing: More Than Weight

Did you know 95% of people who lose weight on “diets” gain that weight back within 5 years? Some even gaining more back than they lost? Those are scary numbers, worse in fact than the data gathered on smoking cessation. Conclusion? Diets don’t work. So why do so many still travel this path to nowhere? Well, because frankly the “better way” takes more time, more effort, and more mindfulness. Three things Americans are often unwilling to give. We’re talking about true long term habit change…And it’s hard.

The Shift

As you read this, the leadership of your organization is trying to find ways to encourage you to be healthier, happier, and more productive. In the past, many routes have lead to standard weight loss challenges. A big kickoff meeting where a desirable prize is announced followed by 6 weeks of crash diets and weigh ins until finally a winner is crowned. But what happens after the challenge? Did the participants maintain their results? Did they learn anything? There’s no question that the accountability and short term reward of a weight loss challenge drives actions, the real question is…for how long?

Sustained Success

At Applied Fitness Solutions, we’ve distilled all the successful elements of a weight loss challenge and combined them with the principles of long term habit change. The result is a robust, engaging exploration that aims to take participants beyond a simple outcome on a scale and further into the realization of their healthiest/happiest selves. This isn’t a weight loss challenge, it’s a wellbeing challenge made to stick. The 12 week program consisting of in person workshops, online support groups, and weekly education is perfect for the organization looking to promote and sustain a healthy culture.

Cost & Format

12-Week experience blending a body composition challenge with daily behavior lessons and reflections. $150 covers the entire program. 

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