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Summer Training with AFS


Train with AFS this Summer

Greetings Michigan Lightning families! With less games and practices, summer is the perfect time for our athletes to be focusing on their preparation for next season. In the past two years we’ve built a partnership with the professionals at Applied Fitness Solutions for speed, explosiveness, and injury prevention training. We chose the AFS team as our preferred training partner because of the individualized-science based approach they take with every athlete. This means more tailored programming and a safer environment for our players. Below you’ll find information about the AFS training process along with a contact form for getting in touch with the AFS team.

Movement Screen & Performance Testing

For athletes with injury history, or those looking to track their improvements over time, AFS offers in depth video-based movement screenings and performance tests aimed at pinpointing the specific weaknesses or imbalances each unique athlete has. AFS will then use the results of the testing to design tailored programming for addressing and improving those issues. This is especially interesting for parents due to the intricate level of explanation AFS coaches will provide in the post testing meeting.

Professionally Supervised Athlete Strength Training

As an extremely affordable alternative to one-on-one personal training, AFS has designed a training environment purpose built for young athletes. 3-6 athletes train (doing their own specifically tailored program) under the supervision of one of our professional coaches. In the Athlete Strength program, players will build the all important foundation of fitness while developing life long self care habits.

Volt App: Stay on Track Outside of AFS

AFS has teamed up with Gatorade and the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) to provide a fully functional workout app that provides each athlete a tailored workout and walks them through it, even if they’re working out at a gym on their own. If your family has access to gym equipment, but you want to make sure your player is training effectively, meeting with an AFS coach and getting started on the Volt app is a great option.

Unsure which option best fits your player?

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