Success Story: Lynn W.


Lynn, you have done amazing so far with AFS but how did you find out about us and what made you think this might be for you?

“I saw the grand opening announcement on Facebook and started following it.”

So you had an idea of what we were about but what made you make the first step to coming in and learning about us? What is it about AFS that keeps you motivated and wanting to come back?

“I tried other gyms but after a while was bored and not committed.  Motivation just wasn’t there for me anymore and I needed a push to get going again, something new and challenging.  Since I have a desire to be fit, not just lose weight, I was looking for help in achieving my goal.
Now I have a plan designed just for me!  My practitioner Trent encourages and supports me.  He checks up on me even when I’m not at the gym and I feel like he holds me accountable.  I need that!”

What is it about AFS that you really fell in love with?

“My amazing results and my practitioner who made it possible for me to get there!  Trent is so positive, knowledgeable and always behind me pushing me (C’mon two more, you got two more!) to be successful.”

If you were describing AFS to someone who was apprehensive about coming in, what would you tell them?

“The attention I get from the trainers – all of them!  They call me by name and are always cheering me on.  They are constantly checking to ensure I am doing the exercises correctly so they definitely care about me and my goals!”

What advice do you have for anyone who is looking to get into fitness for the first time / get back into fitness / or find something new?

“If you are looking for a work out designed specifically for you and your fitness level then AFS is the place! The whole staff is very personable and committed to helping you make changes.  Oh yeah, and they are a lot of fun too!  I LOVE THIS GYM!!”

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