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Spirit Week 2018


Think long and hard back to the days of high school (and for many of you, college as well)–or, if you’re in high school, just think about these days. You might remember those themed days for a whole week leading up to Homecoming where everyone showed up to school wearing some sort of wacky hats, outfits, or props to celebrate the tradition all across the land known as Spirit Week!

We thought we’d like to bring that same enthusiasm to AFS, so allow us to introduce to you: Spirit Week 2018!

Monday, October 15th – Friday, October 19th

(the week of the big Michigan State vs. Michigan game!)

If you’re a veteran of the AFS family, you might remember the past few years… 80s day, sports team days, etc, and of course, throwing pies in the faces of the practitioners that clients wanted to “punish.” If you’re new, here’s how it works:

  • Each day, we’ll have a theme that you can participate in
  • For each day you participate in the theme, you get to vote which AFS staff has to endure the week-end’s “awards”
  • The staff members with the most votes will be “awarded” live on Facebook on Friday, October 19th!

This time around, we want to get you all involved in a way that we’ve never done before… that’s right, YOU get to choose the themes for each day!

We’ve compiled a list of all of our staff’s ideas, so we want to hear what you think! Check the boxes below to give us an idea of what days you’d like to participate in:

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