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Run Kelly Run!


Happy AFS Anniversary Kelly

Kelly came to us one year ago today with a free week promotion that we were having at the time. Her husband Mark was already a client and she thought she would try us out.  When Brooke told her about where she could be if she followed our plans, Kelly seemed a bit skeptical but was determined to stick to the plan.

When we think of Kelly, the words “Determination”, “Perseverance” and “Caring” come to mind.  Even after 2 ACL surgeries, she made no excuses and realized that having a healthy lifestyle is better than a 30 day diet.  She has made adjustments to her daily routine, such as scheduling classes in pen, making healthier choices, and still budgeting for her favorite cheat item – Cadbury Creme Eggs!  With this positive attitude, Kelly is well on her way to a healthy life and not just a healthy season.

Running and biking events are something Kelly has always enjoyed.  However, her surgeries slowed her down and she felt like she lost her competitive edge.  After following Brooke’s guidance, her outlook has changed dramatically. She recently sent us this picture along with a heart-felt note thanking us for our smiles and never-ending confidence in her. When we asked her how she felt during this race, she said “thankful, happy, and STRONG”.

CantonLibertyRun5K061816 - Kelly Onsuko

Well Kelly,

Proud doesn’t even come close to how we feel about you. The confidence you show while giving the photographer a thumbs-up is stunning. We will continue to laugh with you at 6AM, jam out to the occasional 90s boy band song, and push you to be your best. It has been an amazing year with you as a client. Keep running the race, both mentally and physically. We’ll be here, cheering you on, when you beat 29:31!

In Health,
Your AFS Family

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