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Progress Spotlight: Susan W


From Fearful to Focused: Susan’s Journey

Susan dropped over 50 lbs since her start at AFS earlier this year, but it’s not the number that keeps her going. We caught up with her and her coach, Brook, to get a peek into how Susan became the confident exerciser she is today!


How’d you hear about AFS?

Through my employer, BOAA. Other people were doing it and I realized that I needed to do something. I heard so many wonderful things about AFS and I got a few emails actually.

What was the “spark” for you that made you think “it’s time to change.”

I’ve had many “sparks,” per say, but one day, I realized that I had to do something and exercise has to be involved one day or another. I think that it was a mixture of that with what I had been hearing about AFS from my co-workers.

What were some concerns you had when you first started? Anything make you nervous or doubtful even?

Yeah, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do or understand any of it and was a little worried about even getting through the whole class without any issues. Over a few classes, I became a lot more confident though. I know it was me who did the work, but Brook and the other instructors and even other clients have been so helpful. I started to see other people doing the same levels that I was on, so that made me feel like I wasn’t always on the first screen.

Beyond the weight loss, what’s the biggest change in your life?

I’m healthier mentally and physically. Healthiest I’ve been, maybe ever, for as long as I can remember. I have a lot more energy and it feels like it just comes from within now. It’s gotten to the point where everything is just easier and I don’t even notice it. But it’s a good feeling.

What advice would you give others looking to start at AFS?

I would tell them, as cliche as it sounds, just get through those doors. Get through those doors, meet with Danny, have him talk to you, let him explain things, and allow him to show you that things aren’t as difficult as it seems. The first class is nerve-wracking, to say the least, but it ends up being well-explained and easier than you think. The biggest thing is that there’s no stress and no pressure with AFS and they really treat you like you matter.

Where do you want to go from here?

Right now I’d like to just keep losing weight. There’s no certain number, but I will say that, when I started losing weight, I was able to get into my “skinny” jeans again and I was so excited. As time went by and I realized my skinny jeans were getting too big, I was like, “Okay now these are getting too big.” Over time, I’m now on my fourth new pair of “skinny” jeans, so that feels good! And I’m going to keep going.

*A note from Brook* “The main difference between Susan right now and where she used to be is that the nervousness is gone; now it’s all confidence and enjoyment. Everything I’m hearing from her indicates that she wants to be here. That’s why I thought she was a really good candidate for a story like this.”

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