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No Year’s Resolution



“New year, new me!”

“In 2018, I’m going to start…”

“Once the new year hits, I’ll be more motivated.”

You’ve probably heard something along these lines (or maybe even said so yourself) and will undoubtedly hear more of these sayings as 2018 encroaches mercilessly into the horizon. As the holiday season is in full-swing, the last thing people often think about is getting in shape–between all the holiday feasts and gatherings, it’s pretty easy to get out of the “fitness mindset” for a few months and set a day for you to get back into that mindset: January 1st.

This is when everyone makes a “New Year’s Resolution” to hit the gym more, to eat healthier (according to what they think that might mean), and really change everything up. But what if we told you that only about 8% of resolutions actually end up being successful? The problem isn’t that people stop caring, it’s that they set themselves up for failure by trying to work on ALL of their goals all at once without any structured guidance to help them stay on track.

Instead of becoming a “new you,” we want to help you improve. Instead of starting in 2018, we want to help you start now. Instead of “being more motivated” when the new year hits, we want to help you get in the right habits so your success doesn’t waver with your motivation.

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