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Nancy Duncansons Success Story


What motivated you to start at AFS?

At the age of 51 I felt I had everything…very successful career, beautiful family, great friends…but I knew that I was not my best self.  Even though I was successful with almost every aspect of my life…I was not successful in managing my health. I’ve never been “skinny”, but I used to be in shape.  Pound by pound, I had gotten to a place where I did not recognize myself. I struggled to find clothes that fit, was on medication for high cholesterol, and was winded walking up stairs. I knew that I had to change my entire mindset towards food and exercise. While browsing facebook I kept seeing ads for AFS. At first I was really drawn to their sense of humor, then I checked out their webpage and read about some of their success stories.  After my first phone call with Andrew I knew they were different than any other gym I’ve been to. They cared about my success and from the first day I walked in I knew that they were the real deal. Every single person there cares about my well being.

What keeps you coming back to AFS?

There are so many reasons why I keep coming back to AFS, but the biggest reason is the way they make me feel when I walk through the door.  Both the staff and fellow exercisers are happy to see me. We all chat with one another, talk about our kids, our weekend, Maya’s wedding (lol)…we basically have a great time together. My first day working out I was floored when people introduced themselves to me, told me I did a good job, told me to keep coming back…I was not expecting other customers to be so friendly.

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

It’s so easy to immediately go to the obvious rewards.  Lost weight, a whole new wardrobe (it was in my closet…just didn’t fit), better numbers from my doctor (cholesterol, etc.) but when I really look hard, I see the most rewarding part is that I believe in myself again. I am not just trying to lose weight, I AM losing weight. I give all the credit to the great practitioners, Maya at 7:30 am, Zach all hours of the day and night (yes, direct email access is wonderful), and the motivational people I see in my class. I feel like I’m part of something bigger and I’m very thankful that I took the leap by calling AFS.

What advice would you give to others looking to start at AFS?

You will not be sorry.  I’ve introduced AFS to other people and they love it as well.  Trust me, if I can find success in this program, than anyone can.

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