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Movement Tune up with Trent


Do you feel it?

As practitioners of wellness and movement, you would think “fitness pros” would be exempt from the aches, pains, and hurdles many of us in the general population face. In many cases this is true, but not when foundational issues go unaddressed. Much of what I’m referring to is related to posture, but further than that is the metaphysical awareness required to move your body through planes of motion safely and consistently. As you learned in the video, it’s very easy to over value one element of your weekly movement. For Nate, he ignored pain signals and tightness to continue his pursuit for bigger muscles. Those signals were his body trying to tell him something, but he didn’t want to listen initially. It wasn’t until movement and capability were taken from our tall  friend that he got serious about understanding the pain he was feeling AND doing something about it. What I’m proposing is the opportunity to catch your “signals” before you have to deal with the kind of issues Nate describes in the video. We can do that by taking a closer look at how you breath, how you move, and how your body “carries” itself. From there we can develop a plan that gets you moving at your best!


The reason I’m offering this is I’m passionate about my job. In coaching our members in strength solution, fitness solution, and in personal training sessions I notice movement patterns that are prone long term to creating issues that lead to pain or injury, or at the very least diminished results. Often times these are minor observations, but over time can truly add up! My goal is to reverse this trend and instead of training ourselves into pain like Nate, I want to help you improve your body awareness so you know you’re working toward feeling better every repetition instead of worse. Coaching in this realm is incredibly nuanced and sometimes requires more than what our coaches can provide in the traditional AFS class setting.

Who Should Consider?

Our coaches and myself will do our absolute best to point out to you when your movement quality should improve (and will give suggestions on how to fix it). Beyond that, if you’re someone who has dealt with injury in the past and doesn’t want to go through that again, you’ll likely see a lot of value in this. Another candidate would be someone who highly values preventative measures to keeping themselves healthy. A little work now can go a long way preventing issues in the future.

Common Issues to Address

  • Ankle mobility: Often this is the culprit when your squat causes you to “lean” forward. We can work together to increase your ankle flexion so that you can stay more upright and give your hips more room to move through a full range of motion.
  • Squat fundamentals: Mastering a healthy squat is one of the most useful and versatile movement skills you can acquire. This is also the movement we see the most dysfunction in due to muscle imbalances and tightness.
  • Deadlift: Right up there with squatting, many of us are not hinging properly or activating our posterior chain properly and are putting unnecessary strain on our backs. These faulty patterns affect much more than the things we do with a barbell or dumbbells.
  • Shoulder stability: The scapula plays a crucial role in many compound movements both pushing and pulling in nature. I’ll teach you how to become aware of your scapula (your shoulder blades) and how they should be utilized in your movements.
  • Core stability, breathing, and bracing: If you’re not thinking about how to create pressure with your breath, this education will change your life and affect every movement you do inside and outside of the gym.


Starting the week of 3/16 I will be available for 30 minute evaluation sessions. From there I can make recommendations on how you can go about addressing your issues. If you’re interested, or maybe just want to discuss an issue you’re having with your body or a specific movement, shoot me an email!




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