MORE-THAN Sweat Crawl

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** Be humble for you are made of Earth **

** Be noble for you are made of Stars **
In life, we seek discovery. We seek community. We seek peace. Here at AFS, we feel there should be more opportunities for you to accomplish all three at once, so we’re bringing you Ann Arbor’s first ever sweat crawl. Our hope is that this event gives you the chance to surprise yourself with what you can do and feel through three different stages of learning: a Fitness Solutions class, a Pilates class, and ending with a session of yoga. Between each stage, you’ll be given the opportunity to reflect on the connection you’re making with not only your body but also your mind, the people around you, and your environment. You’ll sweat, sure, but <<more than>> that, we want you to understand the power that flows through your heart, body, and soul. Show us what you’re made of.


Everything good starts with a little bit of prep work, and that’s what we’ll do here. We’ll take you through a brief meditation to prime your mind for challenges and accomplishments, adjustments and experiences. We invite you to be present with us.


Push your body to its cardiovascular height with a 45 minute FS class taught by the energetic Kemper Sosa and effervescent Claire Trapp! We start things off on a high-energy note so your whole self can rise to the occasion and take you places you didn’t know you could go.


Whether you’ve taken a Pilates class or not, we promise to guide you through a safe and engaging session with two instructors we’re incredibly excited to introduce: Elaine and Laura from our friends at MOVE Wellness! We encourage you to marvel at the way your body adapts to new environments and impress yourself like never before, connecting with your body and mind throughout the movements.


Finally, we will end our afternoon together with a guided yoga class taught by our peaceful Sam McDevitt and patient Shannon, who will follow you from the Pilates event! You are something wonderful; let’s discover all those hidden pieces of light in our souls together as we slow things down to a calm pace.


In between each event, we’re going to ask you to reflect on your experience using the journals that come with your <<More Than>> swag bag! Your presence is the most valuable piece of this event, and these reflections will make your journey visible and long-lasting.


We’re proud of you, and we want to give you time to be proud of you, too. We’ll ask you to do one final reflective journal here at the very end–there is power in the words you write.


After the event, we’ll open our space so you can continue to engage in your supportive community, discuss the new levels you’ve reached, and enjoy the delicious drinks brought to us by Wilma’s, Sava’s sister company. Be merry, fellow Fit Fam.

Date & Time:

Saturday, March 7th, 4:00 pm-7:00 pm


40 Spots Available:  Along with your RSVP to the sweat crawl, you’ll receive a complimentary AFS journal and this fresh tee! (Choosing the custom T-shirt size you want will reserve your spot for the event, one entry per person. Spots are limited, so secure your spot and invite our friends!) Your $75 purchase covers the ENTIRE Sweat Crawl experience!

*** The RSVP deadline to ensure you receive your desired custom shirt size is Sunday, 3/1 @ 12pm***





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