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Michigan Lightning Winter Performance Training


Train Smart with AFS this Winter

Michigan Lightning and Applied Fitness Solutions continue their training partnership this winter by providing team training for lightning athletes!

The Format

Athletes who enroll in this program will attend one day per week training at AFS for the duration of the winter session.  Athletes will be monitored, cued, and corrected by an AFS strength coach at all times. The aim of the program is to give each player the foundational strength and movement skills they need to continue to improve as soccer players. Most importantly, this program presents an opportunity to build the infrastructure for life long healthy habits in relation to physical activity.

Session 2 Runs: Tuesday February 18th – Tuesday March 24th


Payment is accepted as a one time in full payment at the bottom of this web page. If you have more than one child enrolling, you’ll need to fill in the form for each child separately.

Missed/Unused Sessions

Due to the heavily discounted nature of this offering, AFS cannot forward, reimburse, or refund sessions. The $60 payment covers the entire experience with a “use it or lose it” policy.

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