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Michigan Lightning Spring Performance Training


After an awesome winter, AFS and Michigan Lightning are providing you the opportunity to enroll your player in the next step of the Lightning performance program.

The Format

This winter we worked on speed, quickness, agility, overall conditioning/endurance, and core.. We now move into a part of the season that’s a bit more competition focused for your athletes. Taking this into consideration, the spring session will be less focused on conditioning (because your athletes will be playing more) and more focused on flexibility, injury prevention, and power development. These three pillars invoke less overall stress on the kids so they can train without worrying about a detriment to their performance on the field.

As always, athletes will train under the direct supervision of the pros at AFS and will be monitored, cued, and corrected at all times. This opportunity is open exclusively to Michigan Lightning and spots are limited. See below for details and availability.

Available Time Slots

Every Wed, April 17th through June 5th (8 sessions) 5-6pm OR 6-7pm 
  • Open to all Lightning players
  • Cap of 12 athletes per class (this will provide more coaching attention to each athlete compared to our winter session)
  • First come first served for desired time slots


Payment is accepted as a one time in full payment at the bottom of this web page. If you have more than one child enrolling, you’ll need to fill in the form for each child separately.

Missed/Unused Sessions

Due to the heavily discounted nature of this offering, AFS cannot forward, re-imburse, or refund sessions. The $96 payment covers the entire experience with a “use it or lose it” policy.

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