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Meet our Registered Dietitian’s


If we asked you what constitutes “healthy eating choices or habits”, we’d be willing to bet you could provide a pretty well-informed answer. You might mention things like: limiting sugar intake/sweets, consuming a lot of fruits/veggies, not over indulging, eating home cooked meals, getting enough protein, etc. Yet, you might also still be struggling to do these very things. We often have a general idea of what to do when it comes to nutrition, but we’re still not doing it. Before you put all the blame on yourself though, try to remember that this thing called LIFE keeps throwing hurdles at us! You know, things like: stress at work or school, cooking for your kids while still meeting your own needs, frequent traveling, a tight budget, a lack of support. Whatever your barriers may be, a big part of the challenge is simply that we’re all so BUSY! Enter restrictive diet plans ie: follow these rules and you’ll get really good results super fast. Can they work? Yes. Are they difficult to sustain? Also YES!

Our goal at AFS is for each and every one of you to be able to experience a healthy relationship with food, and find an approach that will be SUSTAINABLE  for you. That’s why we decided to bring on some extra help from the professionals. We now have two Registered Dietitians on-board! Bella Diaz and Mary Balog are here to provide guidance, support, and unlock tools that’ll empower you to be successful long-term! Learn more about their services, backgrounds, and how you can reach them below 🙂

RD Services & Benefits:

In addition to your in-person meetings, you’ll receive ongoing email support and 24/7 access to the Healthie App!

  • Smart Goal Setting: Identifying & setting the right goals is critical for long-term, sustainable success!
  • Education: Learning how macronutrients work in the body and listening to your body’s needs, will empower you to be more conscious of your choices and maintain healthy eating habits.
  • Balance: Find a middle ground that works for you and is specific to your needs.
  • Improved Energy: Optimizing your food intake can help improve alertness, concentration, and ensure you have the fuel you need to perform in your workouts and recover.
  • Enjoy Food: Let’s not forget, eating is supposed to be FUN! Build a healthy relationship with your nutrition, try new things, and enjoy the ride 🙂

Meet Bella Diaz:

Bella is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Applied Fitness Solutions Ann Arbor, Plymouth, and Rochester Hills. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2017, with a BS in Dietetics from the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition. She completed her Dietetic Internship & supervised practice in Grand Rapids at Metro Health Hospital, and continued her education at MSU, where she completed her Master’s in Human Nutrition. Bella also works as a nutrition counselor for the Center of Eating Disorder Assessment, Recovery, and Support (CEDARS) in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Her passion lies in helping others develop a joyful & positive eating experience using a non-diet approach.

Email to schedule your initial 30 minute Discovery Meeting!

Meet Mary Balog:

Mary completed her Bachelors of Science degree at Michigan State University, majoring in Dietetics. Following undergrad, she moved to Ann Arbor and completed a Clinical Dietetic internship at U of M hospital. Her experiences there (and desire to help people long before they reached the point of hospitalization), led Mary to a culinary arts degree and her work/initiatives at Argus Farm Stop. Mary enjoys sharing her passion for food and serving others in a multitude of ways; including, but not limited to- cooking classes, workshops, food sampling/tasting, recipe sharing, and food sourcing education.

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