What motivated you to start at AFS?

My motivation to start at AFS was simple for me. I had gone years with putting everyone else, my kids, husband, in-laws, grandparents and friends all before me and it was time to take control of my health. I found AFS on Instagram, took the questionnaire and made an appointment. I was so nervous sitting there waiting for my appointment and read the core values on the wall and knew I had to be part of it. Andrew was so kind and listened to exactly what I was looking for and was not pushy at all. If it wasn’t for him being honest and really listening to me I would not have joined. I left there feeling excited and ready to start my journey. Meeting Eileen was the next step and she was so welcoming and really listened to my concerns and needs. She never made me feel like my goals were not attainable and she continues to help me meet them and be realistic.

What keeps you coming back to AFS?

I keep coming back because I LOVE it! Working out with Zach at 5am is exactly what we need to start our day. My husband decided to join me in this journey and meeting new people that help us stay accountable is huge. I have never been to a gym where I feel this welcomed, encouraged and supported. I am so thankful I have found AFS!

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

The most rewarding part of coming to AFS has truly been the confidence I have found. I used to cry at how unhealthy I was and didn’t even want to be in pictures. In the short time I have been coming I have found an inner strength that has been opened up because I am working hard and seeing results. I have a ways to go still but I am not overwhelmed with that, instead I am excited to continue on this journey! I am so thankful to be part of the AFS family and thankful for the friends I have met who push me to be better.

What advice would you give to others looking to start at AFS?

I tell everyone about AFS!! I tell friends, strangers and family that they just have to try it! There is nothing out there like it. Be honest with your needs and what you want to accomplish and keep coming even if you are tired, stay in contact with your trainer and take one class at a time!

I am so thankful for Eileen and her tips, tricks and amazing encouragement and for Zach pushing us in our 5am workouts!!

Mariana's Stats


Since becoming a member in September, Mariana is making lasting changes to her overall well being. She has lost over 10 pounds of body weight and over 8 pounds of fat! Seeing a reduction in her body fat percentage is a direct reflection of this. You rock Mariana, we are very fortunate to have someone like you as part of the fit fam : )

I'm Mariana's Trainer, Eileen McNally

Mariana's journey started with a choice. A choice and a big realization that her priorities needed to change. She needed to start putting herself first and commit to taking care of herself. She has the most kind and giving heart to her kids/family, so it was time for her to finally give back to herself. It's been incredible to see her self discipline, consistency, and resilience as she progresses throughout her journey here at AFS. She has taken time to reflect and look back, but only for a moment to see how far she has come. Mariana puts in the work at 5AM WLS class and that is no easy task, but she always leaves with a big smile. It's been a joy working with Mariana and in the beginning just getting exercise back into her life was a big change for sure, but what is even greater is the impact that has been made on her entire life (sleep, stress, + overall well-being). I am SO happy for you Mariana and am forever grateful that you joined the AFS Fit Family! Let's make this year the best one yet!

Mariana Today

If you are looking for Mariana, you can find her in our weight loss solution classes at 5am Monday-Friday! She is continuing to live her best life : )

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