How did you hear about AFS and what motivated you to get started?

I was online and one of your ad’s popped up, so I decided to call and make an appointment! My gym had recently closed so I wanted to try something new. 

Did you have any concerns or fears before you started? If so, how were you able to overcome them?

I was nervous at first. Once I got through the first few classes I was so glad I joined. All the trainers were very helpful. Lillie and Claire helped me so much with my shoulder issue! 

You’ve been remarkably consistent making it in for your workouts! How have you been able to sustain your success?

I’m finally making myself a priority! I enjoy coming to workout, it’s a very positive and comfortable place to workout! The benefits physically and mentally have made me so much stronger. 

Tell us a little bit about the relationship you’ve developed with your coach, Claire. 

Claire is such a great coach! Always takes time to help me when I need it. She is so easy to talk to about anything, I love how motivating she is in class. She’s VERY at good at what she does! I’m very thankful to have her as my coach! 

What do you expect of yourself in the future? What keeps you going? 

I want to stay as strong as I can. Now that I’m getting older, that is very important to me. Losing some weight has been great too. The thing that keeps me going is the way I feel.. I’ve never felt better!! 

What advice would you give to others looking to start at AFS? 

If you’re looking for a positive place to workout, then AFS is the place. There are a lot of good things happening here!!!  I hope to be here for a long time to come. It’s never too late to start exercising!!!


Jenny's Stats


Jenny's numbers are impressive, especially when considering nearly all her weight loss has come from body fat. Most impressive though, has been her consistency and mindset. There's very few occasions where she hasn't made it in at least 2-3x/week, for the past nearly 2 years now! Whether it's raining all day, a blizzard outside, feeling tired or stressed, traveling, etc: the one constant has been Jenny getting her workouts in!

I'm Jenny's Trainer, Claire Trapp

"When she first started, Jenny's forward posture was giving her back and shoulder pain daily. Through consistent focused practice, Jenny's posture has improved immensely! She now has the awareness to keep her shoulders down, and the strength in her postural muscle to do so. She is crazy strong and not only did she reach her initial body composition goal of losing 20 lbs, but now she craves workouts for her mental health, and has integrated all the nutritional coaching we've worked on to maintain her weight loss. I've worked here for over 4 years and know all too well that life gets in the way a lot, but somehow Jenny didn't let that happen. Through vacations, grandkid visits, and family holiday parties, Jenny has maintained her weight goals and in her 50's is feeling the best she has in years :) I'm so proud of her!"

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