What motivated you to start at AFS?

I came to AFS looking for a lifestyle change with uncertainty on how. My mom was a member for a few months and she encouraged me to give it a shot. I had tried other gym “trials” and online programs, but they just did not stick. I was ready for something new, with more support and variation in workouts. I was looking for a place that would help build habits for me and motivate me so much where I actually might enjoy working out. When I had my first meeting with Andrew, I was so impressed with the gym and the staff I met that day! Everyone was super friendly and it seemed like the perfect fit! Once I had my initial meeting with Eileen, I was even more excited to make working out a priority in my life and have someone keep me accountable daily!

What keeps you coming back to AFS?

The trainers, my own personal fitness practitioner, working out with my friends and mom, constant support and check-in’s, and the amazing workouts that are always switched up. Every instructor is always looking for ways to help you succeed, I love that about AFS. I enjoy the push from each instructor to try something more difficult or higher weights that day, it is always motivating to be able to do something you’d never think you would be capable of. It is also awesome to be matched with your own fitness practitioner who helps you with whatever goals you choose and helps you achieve them. Eileen has been outstanding and has helped me change the way I eat, my overall mindset, and physical fitness. It keeps me coming back and motivated to continue this journey! One of the best parts is working out with one of my good friends, Emily and of course my mom. It makes class way more fun when I have them there!

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

The most rewarding part is definitely the results I have seen, both physically and mentally. It is an unspeakable feeling to gain more confidence and visually see your body change and get stronger! I am so happy thinking about the changes I have made after starting at AFS. I have consistently worked out around 4 times a week (which I never loved doing before), tracked my food, and worked towards eating healthier overall. Without AFS and Eileen, I would never be doing any of these things! AFS has taught me so much and it has been so rewarding to find a gym I love with even greater people surrounding me!

What advice would you give to others looking to start at AFS?

Give it a try, the results will happen with hard work, time, and help from everyone at AFS! Everyone is looking out for you to achieve your goals and will help you in anyway possible. The staff is a joy to see early in the morning and will ALWAYS motivate you! It is unlike any other gym I have tried in the past and the accountability keeps you motivated and on top of your fitness and goals. The list goes on and on with what I love about AFS and I encourage anyone new to try at least one class. Do it for yourself because you won’t regret it!

Thank you Eileen and the AFS team for the constant motivation and encouragement to make changes possible!

Jacqueline's Stats


Jacqueline came to AFS to make some habit changes, mainly around exercise and eating more health consciously. In turn she has lost over 20 pounds of fat and reduced her body fat by 6 percent! Great job Jacqueline : )

I'm Jacqueline's Trainer, Eileen McNally

Jacqueline has been a joy to work with. She and I brainstormed on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that was unique to her. Jacqueline was honest and open to making change right from the beginning. When creating a healthy lifestyle is centered around having fun, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, and creating small but meaningful changes, anything is possible :) Jacqueline is now way more mindful when she goes out with her friends and has created consistency with her exercise routine. I am so proud of how far she has come and I know she will only continue to be successful!

Jacqueline Today

If you are looking for Jacqueline, you can find her in the weight loss solution classes smiling and challenging herself to work hard. It has been such a joy having Jacqueline here and we are excited to see her reach new heights.

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