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Grant’s Hard Work Pays Off With D1 Commitment


Congratulations Grant!

The AFS team is proud to congratulate AFS athlete Grant Hindman on accepting a Division 1 hockey scholarship with Lake Superior State University! The 17 year old reliable defenseman  has been working hard with our team for the past 15 months on his explosiveness and strength to prepare him to make the jump from AAA hockey with Little Caesar’s to Junior Hockey with the Janesville Jets of Janesville, Wisconsin in the North American Hockey League. Shortly after making the Jets roster this 2019 season (as one of their y0ungest players) Grant made his commitment to the Lakers.

Before he left for Wisconsin, we caught up with Grant to chat about his AFS experience and his goals moving forward, check out the summary below!

Q. Why did you seek professional help with your training?

A. I came to Applied Fitness to get better. As sports get more competitive, the gap between athletes shrinks and setting yourself apart is key. The program that was created for me was tailored to hockey specific muscle groups. When your workouts are exactly what you need to get better, it makes your training that much more effective. The knowledge that Jared brought to my workouts was exactly what I was looking for. 

Q. Was there anything AFS did to help you that you found to be unique?

A. The thing that sets AFS apart for me was the uniqueness of my workout. Many trainers use the same basic exercises for all athletes. Applied is different, each workout you complete is different from those around you. That, combined with the family aspect of AFS makes for a rare and successful environment. 

Q. How does your training translate to how you feel and move on the ice?

A. All my exercises aligned with my skating and stride on the ice. Hockey revolves around explosiveness and speed out of a static position. Many of my exercises, if not all, focused on improving that explosiveness. 

Q. What are your aspirations with hockey?

A. Simply put, I want to play hockey competitively for as long as possible. Whether or not that’s the NHL, NCAA, AHL, or overseas even, I want to reach the highest level I can and play there for as long as possible. 

Q. Is there anything AFS taught you that will help you as you continue your journey?

A. The one thing I will always carry with me from AFS is to appreciate those who are willing to work for you. It can be easy to focus on your own mission, your own work, and your own goals, but what many fail to do is recognize the people who help you along the way. The success I have had couldn’t be possible without Jared and the rest of the AFS team supporting me day in, day out. 


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