“Fleece & Thank You” Blanket-Making Extravaganza 2020


Hospital rooms are scary environments to be in, especially for children. While most kids are out making new friends and enjoying the world, some have to be in these scary rooms without the comfort and security of their own homes. And here’s the kicker: every minute in America, 11 children are admitted into the hospital and have to stay strong in this intimidating experience.

That’s why AFS is teaming up with Fleece & Thank You, an amazing organization dedicated to helping kids in hospitals find the strength and hope they need to make it through and come out stronger than ever! How, you ask? By giving these kids something soft, warm, and colorful to combat the monotone nature of a hospital room: homemade, colorful fleece blankets!

On Saturday, February 29rd from 1:30-4pm, we’re hosting a HUGE blanket-making extravaganza to give these warriors new armor during their hospital battles! Check out the details below:

How to get involved:

  • Make a donation

Whether you’ll be joining us for the big event on February 23rd or not, you’re more than welcome to pitch in and purchase a blanket kit! Every $25 gives a hospitalized child a colorful fleece blanket to call their own.

[primary-btn url=”https://give.fleeceandthankyou.org/fundraiser/2606271″] DONATE NOW [/primary-btn]


  • RSVP to help us equip the warriors with their new armor on February 29th!

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