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Farewell Message from Jen

Valued Friends,
As we have come into 2019, with the blistering cold temperatures, slick roads, and some crazy school closings; making moms and dads go stir crazy with all of the kiddos at home, I would like to take a second to slow down, cozy up, and get a good read in. So buckle up!
A lot of you have been infrequently updated on what has been going on in the life of Jen over the last year. A little over a year ago, I took a position as a Co-General Manager, alongside my teammates, Kemper and Sawyer. This past year has been one with a lot of change; adjusting, learning, and growth not only from our staff, but also with our valued clients. Our team has always prided ourselves on building lasting relationships with those we come into contact with, inside and out of AFS’ walls. I have had the unique privilege of creating and enjoying SO MANY valuable and lasting relationships with so many of you over the last 4.5 years. Which is why writing to you today is of extreme difficulty.
Over the last year, I have personally experienced of a lot of change, growth and adjusting to a new life. Not just with my work, but also with this new family that so many of you have seen and asked about. AFS has always been an escape for me. A place to leave everything at the door, and serve my higher purpose. It’s all I knew and loved for the longest time! And goodness, you all surely make my days the best. Since the beginning of 2018, with the shift in my position, as well as some changes to my lifestyle outside of AFS, I have found love, passion and a calling for a few other things too! For those that follow me fairly closely, you have seen my recent additions to this life. And may I just say it has honestly been the best thing to ever happen to me. I’ve gone from someone who gives any spare minute to her work and to her people here, to someone who now has had a calling to devote her time to a family and kids! *gasp* And wonderful ones at that! Wait!! Jen, WHAT?! Kids?!
Back in October I got married to an amazing man that I have known for many many years. He stole my heart a long time ago, and when we crossed paths one more time, I knew this was it for me. This man has completely changed my life, and given me so much perspective on what I put value in daily. He has the most wonderful kiddos, that so many of you see all over my social media! 😛 He has 3 beautiful babies, that I truly enjoy the moments that I have with them. Every single moment. This adjustment has not come easily, and I have learned SO MUCH about the life of being a mom. To all of you parents out there, I give you all the love and glory. You are truly EVERYTHING. With all of this, comes even more change. The babies are in their most critical years, and they are on the west side of the state. Now anyone that knows me even remotely well, you know that the west side is my home, my baby! I have wanted to end up there since the day I got here. It has always been my end game. And today, I’m informing you that I am officially making my way over to my baby! <3
I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am, but also completely terrified at the same time. I have given almost 4.5 years to AFS, and always thought I would be bringing AFS with me. But I now have the most amazing opportunity to serve my purpose in a different way, and that’s through being a mom! Which brings me SO.MUCH.JOY. The same behaviors, habits, changes, and successes I have seen in so many of you, I am seeing in these kids as they grow older each day. And my husband and I want to be a part of that daily with them. I have found so much fulfillment in serving others selflessly, and I can’t wait to embark further into this journey with a different mindset than before. I will still be able to serve my purpose of enhancing the lives of others through a career as well, my passion and drive for that will never fade, but AFS just is not where it will be.
My time with AFS has been one that I truly will never forget. Each and every one of the people I have come into contact with has left a stamp on my heart. I love all of you as my own, and wish nothing but the best as you continue to venture out in your own journey, and find pieces of you along the way. Don’t run away from change, seek it out. Reach for the highest of highs in pursuit of your joy.


Love Always, Jen

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