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Dear Delirium Community,

We know how hard it must be to say goodbye to a place you love… A place you may consider your second home, a place you’ve built meaningful relationships at, and a place that you’re comfortable and familiar with. Our mission is to get to know each and every one of you the best we possibly can, to ensure you all experience that same high level of trust, service, and relationship building at AFS! We hope you’ll take a couple minutes to watch the video below, as Del and Kemper welcome you to AFS and explain the transition process in more detail.

What to Expect in February 

To help ease the transition stress and allow you to get a taste of the AFS experience to ensure it’s everything you’re looking for, we’re covering the cost of all Delirium Members first month! (includes unlimited Fitness Solution & Yoga classes, ongoing coaching, and full access to our online forum for additional support). In addition, we’ll be waiving all $50 enrollment fees for anyone who decides to enroll after February.

Reference below for more info on the programs and how to get started!

Fitness Solution Classes

Your body is designed to do amazing things. AFS Fitness Solution classes are designed to get you moving in a safe, supportive, and dynamic environment. Whether you’re fresh off the couch, or fresh off a Marathon, this 60 minute circuit is perfect for improving overall fitness and cardiovascular conditioning. Not sure if you can keep up? Don’t worry! Every station in the class has 3 intensity options so you can work at your own pace. Burn calories, lose fat, and gain confidence in our most popular group exercise class.

Yoga Classes

Sitting, slouching, bending, standing, kneeling, reaching, lifting, running, walking. Chances are you’re doing your fair share of these things every day, some maybe substantially more than others. Our bodies have memory, they learn the path of least resistance and move accordingly.

The problem is that over time these movement patterns can lead to imbalances. Muscles weaken, corresponding muscles become tight, and eventually, pain and injury occur. Yoga at AFS is designed to help return you to your breath and over time to help you move happier. Sure, we’ll have you touching your toes in no time, but you’ll also increase mobility and strength in the hips, shoulders, and lower back. Not to mention build stability in your core. This class is perfect for beginner exercisers, those recovering from injuries, and weekend warriors who want to feel better while doing their favorite activities. If you’ve been considering a yoga class, but are fearful you might not be ready for some of the poses, you should try yoga at AFS. Where the experience is tailored to you.

Fitness Coaching

Comprehensive Fitness Coaching is included in all AFS programs. We’ll pair you up with your very own certified coach and they’ll work with you start to finish (and every step in between) to make sure you’re supported, educated, and motivated. Your AFS coach  can set weekly nutritional goals for you, write you at home workouts, and check-in on you throughout the week to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.  If you go off the radar, your coach will even be there to hold you accountable and get you back on track.

Interested in learning more and discussing your goals or trying out a class? Give us a shout below! We can’t wait to meet you 🙂


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