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Re-Connect at AFS

We say it to ourselves, our friends, and our family members all the time. “There just isn’t enough time in the day.” As the demands of each passing moment command our attention, sometimes it can be very easy to get tugged out into the sea of doing…There we find ourselves just trying to stay above water with no time to even consider what we’re putting our energy into. Just keep swimming, just get through it. Finish the task so you can rinse, repeat and move on to the next one. That’s ironic though isn’t it? Because although we all participate in the “dance” of our transactional lives, we know the truth about what matters most to us. We know it because we’ve felt it. The late night card game with family members that drags on long after the turkey’s gotten cold. The quiet moment with our kids as we put them to bed and look into their eyes, seeing the wonder and innocence staring back at us, reminding us how truly fortunate we are. The comfort of a best friend’s presence and understanding during a rough time.

We’ve all felt the unmistakeable value of being together with those that matter to us. But we don’t seek it out often enough.

A Different kind of “get together”

One of the things we love most about the environment at AFS is that it’s a self nourishing haven for so many beautiful souls. As the new year came around this year our team got together with the intention of harnessing the power of our community for (and this will sound familiar) MORE THAN just “fitness.” We also happen to have THE BEST team of loving, passionate individuals any organization could ask for. That statement rings especially true for Eileen Mcnally. We all know Eileen is a special human and we’re doing our best to help her spread her wings as a practitioner of yoga and influencer of perspective. With all of this in mind, we’ve created a new opportunity for our members to both support Eileen, but also to use our environment to strengthen the relationships you all have with the special people in your lives.

Private Yoga Experience with Eileen

Gather your squad! Starting in February, Eileen is going to be taking reservations for private group yoga classes. Eileen will work with you personally to tailor a message and class style to your group (first timers, lifelong yogis, etc). We hope you’ll see this opportunity as a fun (and healthy) way to reconnect with the people who make you better-and of course to reconnect with yourself. As Eileen always says: All you have to be able to do is breathe 🙂

Booking & Pricing

  • Minimum 5 attendees, Maximum of 20
  • Tailored message, flow, and music
  • Tweens, teens, and adults welcome. For 21+ groups a complimentary glass of wine will be provided to participants when class ends (compliments of Fieldstone Winery!)
  • $20/person. All proceeds go directly to Eileen (AFS is not taking any of this revenue)
  • To schedule, simply reach out to Eileen directly and she will help you set an event time that works for you!

Contact Eileen:

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