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Be a Workout Buddy


You’ve Been Chosen

Congratulations! A friend or family member has designated you to be their workout buddy at AFS! (It’s like having a regular buddy except less fun and more sweaty).

What this Means

Your friend or family member recently signed up for a membership at Applied Fitness Solutions. In an effort to maximize comfort and participation in their first 30 days, we’ve granted them the opportunity to designate a “workout buddy” to take part in the experience with them. If you haven’t figured it out, you’re the lucky recipient (Insert triumphant music and applause).

What You Get

Starting on the date of your friend’s new client orientation (which we can share with you once you fill out the form below) you’ll basically be an honorary AFS client for a full 30 days… Except you won’t be paying us money, so even better! Here’s what you’ll have access to:

Unlimited usage of AFS’ popular circuit training classes “weight loss solution.

  • Over 50 instructor led class times per week
  • Flexible drop-in schedule. No need to call ahead=no scheduling headaches
  • Unlimited access to automated circuit training class all day every day
  • Full locker and shower access. Get this: we have soap, shampoo, AND conditioner! But make sure you bring a towel, this isn’t the Ritz 😉
  • Comfortable atmosphere: You’ll feel at home, but please don’t fall asleep on our couch.

Clock’s Ticking, Are You In?

Fill out the form below and we’ll give you more info about this opportunity and make sure you’re taken care of! Don’t delay, your 30 day membership starts this week!


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