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Announcing AFS Plymouth


AFS Clients,

This is quite possibly the single most exciting message I have ever written to you. Needless to say it has been YEARS in the making. I am very pleased to announce that we have secured a site for our second location!

Site Selection

Many of you are aware of our desire to expand the AFS brand and bring our unique service model to other communities. After a careful period of analysis and site selection (that many of you were involved in) we have chosen Plymouth, MI as the site for our second location. More specifically we have purchased a building on Ann Arbor Rd and I-275 (previously Bally Total Fitness). The building totals 22,000 sq ft, and approximately two-thirds of that space will be occupied by AFS. For extensive information on the Plymouth facility, click here.

Clearly this is a monumental step in our development as an organization; however, it is a step we have been preparing for since the day we opened our doors seven years ago. Our systems (technological, employee training, client feedback, etc.) have evolved to the point that I am comfortable that expansion will only serve to ENHANCE the level of service we can provide, not degrade it. I made a promise to myself a long time ago – I would never expand if it meant sacrificing the quality of service. This expansion does quite the opposite as it will allow us to add personnel and financial resources to allow for continued growth and development of our systems. I am confident that as we progress into this next stage as a company you will only see a higher level of individualized service to meet your fitness goals.


Undoubtedly this expansion raises a number of questions. We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the questions many of you will have initially. Click Here and click the tab for the list of Plymouth FAQs we have compiled. If you don’t find a suitable answer to a question you have, please email me directly at stack@4afsfit.com.

Certainly the biggest question all of you have is who will be going to manage the Plymouth facility. I am VERY proud to announce my partnership with Devin Tarrant, as he has been promoted into the role of co-owner at our Plymouth facility. I personally couldn’t be any happier that Devin has ascended to this level at AFS. Many of you know Devin the practitioner or instructor, but few of you truly know Devin as a businessman, manager, and person. Knowing him on that level I can tell you the growth of AFS is in good hands. Devin is an extraordinary young man and his skill, vision, and work ethic will guide Plymouth as I have guided our current location.

Congratulations Devin!

I am certainly sad to lose Devin in his management capacity here, but we have been preparing for this transition for nearly 18 months. We have the operational infrastructure and the personnel resources to absorb the loss of Devin without any decrement in daily operations or organizational growth. At Devin’s request, he is sending an email to all of you tomorrow. Many of you have worked with and know Devin well. I think you will find his message a fittingly appropriate closure of his time here in Ann Arbor, it will no doubt highlight to you, as it did to me, that Devin’s personal and professional maturation makes him the perfect fit for this new challenge.

Thanks to Clients

Lastly, from the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you who have supported the AFS mission these past seven years. Many of you who know me personally understand that I’m not a businessman, I’m someone who believed there was a better, science-based method of helping people achieve their fitness goals. That’s all I set out to do initially; it’s what I know best and what I love. We, collectively, have all been a major part of the evolution and growth of AFS.

Make no mistake about it; this next step we take is taken WITH all of you and BECAUSE of all of you. You supported our mission, you believed in our brand, and you made this possible. On behalf of Devin, my entire staff, and all the people who will get to experience the life changing influence of AFS in the future because of your support, I humbly and sincerely thank all of you.

Yours in Health,

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