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Allison Webbs Wellness Journey…


What motivated you to start at AFS?

I was looking for something “different”- something that would help me meet my fitness goals. When I learned how AFS  was structured with the classes and a trainer, I was really excited to begin! I knew that AFS would challenge me but also give me the support that I needed to stay on track.

What keeps you coming back to AFS?

I keep coming back because of the positive climate and culture. I am surrounded by supportive staff and other members who have the same interests. We all want to be strong physically but being strong emotionally is just as important, and I feel this every time I step into AFS.  I love how encouraging everyone is and the atmosphere is always fun and positive! Also, you never know what fun activities have been planned. They are always trying to make things interesting with different themes and challenges. I am challenged every time I walk in!

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience?

The support from my family and AFS has been the most rewarding part. We workout together, my husband, mom, and daughters are members too! I also love how strong I have become. I am able to do things that I was not able to do before, such as a “real” push-up, planks, boxing, and more! This is very rewarding and motivating. 

What advice would you give to others looking to start at AFS?

Start today! You are important. You deserve the time and energy. Don’t wait to get healthy and strong. Set small goals, share them with others, and give yourself a break if things don’t go as you planned. Everyone at AFS is ready to help you. You are in a “safe place” to begin your journey and it is a journey worth taking!

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