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“Weight what?”

If you’ve been around a minute you’re probably very aware that AFS is a special kind of community. A place where positivity and camaraderie flows from all corners of the building. From our clients, to our trainers, front desk staff, heck even the mail man is encouraging! Having that level of support behind you when you’re doing hard things truly makes a difference. In saying that, I feel a little silly admitting to you that it took us until 2018 to start exploring different ways to harness the power of community to create the health outcomes you guys came here for (puts head in hands).

Back in November, Jen Fuller of our Ann Arbor location brought up the idea of a fun “challenge” we could run during the holiday season to keep each other accountable and interested. From there, we created our first ever “Maintain Don’t Gain” challenge. The goal was simply that, just maintain your weight over the holidays. Not to lose 20 lbs, or so many inches, or to do 100 workouts, just live your life and do your best to maintain your weight. Every facility had a group leader and we put all of our participants into an exclusive “members only” facebook group. Each week we focused on different topics, members made jokes and laughed with each other, and we made our way through the craziness that is the holiday season together.

What ended up coming out of this little experiment was truly surprising. Our groups didn’t maintain. They lost. A lot!  In total: 323lbs company wide- in a weight maintenance challenge. We accomplished this with a facebook group, some fun prompting from our coaches, and good old fashioned support from each other.

Let’s Go Next Level

We’ve proven a little support goes a long way, but what happens when you go bigger? Well, if you feel like you’ve been in a rut or you’re looking to add another tool to your health arsenal this spring, we’re inviting you to come along for the ride and find out!

Starting on March 11th we’re taking HEAVY concepts like self talk, mindset, self prioritization, and setbacks and turning them into a 12 week guided course designed to transform the way you see yourself and your health. In addition to the course which will come with weekly videos, a (super cool) planner, and messages from our CEO, you’ll also be getting plugged into a closed facebook group with the other AFS members that you’re sharing the journey with. We’re calling this our Wellbeing Challenge, because staying focused on your health day in and day out is just that, a challenge! But it can be a fun challenge when you do it with friends.

How it Works

Accountability Group meets Trainer guided Educational Course

We’ve distilled some of the successful elements of a “weight loss challenge” and combined them with the principles of long term habit change. The result is a robust, engaging exploration that aims to take participants beyond a simple outcome on a scale and further into the realization of your healthiest/happiest self. This isn’t a weight loss challenge, it’s a wellbeing challenge made to STICK. The 12 week program consisting of in person workshops, the online support group, and weekly education is perfect for anyone who struggles with self accountability and needs an extra layer of support (and/or fun lol).

Cost & Format

12-Week experience blending a peer support group with daily behavior lessons and reflections from our experts. $120 covers the entire program. 

Are you in?

To ensure a tight knit experience, 40 spots are available at each AFS location.

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