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Thanks to all for your patience as we’ve worked toward getting our new location at Four80 Fitness ready to roll! We have found an appropriate fix for our floor, found the right professional, and rescheduled all of our moving teams to allow us to open at the new location on WED JULY 28th! Getting everything from the current hub to the new spot will take some time, so here’s the breakdown of schedule changes leading up to the big move! We will have normal hours up until the 21st.

We tried our best to limit the days we have to be closed and this is the very best we could do given the circumstances.

AFS Rochester Hours-July 21st-28th

Wed. July 21st: CLOSED (Equipment is taken apart)
Thurs. July 22nd: CLOSED (Move day 1)
Fri. July 23rd: CLOSED (Move day 2)
Sat. July 24th: CLOSED (Offices organized and prepped) 
Sun. July 25: CLOSED 
Mon. July 26th: CLOSED (Equipment Assembly Day 1)
Tues. July 27th: CLOSED (Equipment assembly Day 2/Clean and prep)
Wed. July 28th: OPEN at Four80!
Not sure what we’re talking about? Catch up below!

AFS Rochester Moving to RARA (Four80 Fitness)

With a heavy heart we announce the closure of the building that we’ve called home since 2016. As client numbers have dwindled from over 600 to less than 200 we’ve been facing a number of challenges. In a nutshell, our costs are high and with such a low volume of clients our business model simply doesn’t work the way it used to. This reality has forced us to scale down in pretty much every sense. First it was hours, then losing employees, and now we’ve come to the point where staying in our high rent location simply isn’t feasible.

In a thousand realities this set of circumstances would have meant the absolute end to Applied Fitness Solutions’ presence in Rochester. In this very lucky (hopefully karma driven) reality we’ve been blessed with a chance to carry on. Thanks to the authentic caring and generosity of the great people at RARA (Rochester Avon Recreation Authority) we’ve been given a chance to keep AFS alive. Starting July 28th, 2021 AFS Rochester will be located INSIDE Four80 fitness. See below for details on this transition!

Hear the story from AFS Leaders

Four 80 Fitness Location

Address: 480 E. 2nd Street Rochester, MI 48307

Amenities: The cardio, fitness, and strength center is a 4,500sq ft workout area with over 50 pieces of equipment for guests to create and meet their health goals.  Our equipment allows for beginner to advanced level guests to take advantage of both traditional and cutting edge workout experiences.  You can workout socially or singularly and focused, all in the same environment. In addition to the exercise area there is a full gymnasium for indoor sports, members also get access to the indoor turf fields at RARA (when no events are scheduled).

See Inside Four80 with Jared


Quick Facts About the Move

  • AFS opens at Four80 in July 2021

  • Fitness Solution will not be coming to the new location

  • All current AFS members will be getting a Four80 membership for just $10/month

AFS Member FAQ

  1. Are all of the employees coming? YUP :)! The only person leaving in June is Paul, he needs to leave for an internship.
  2. Wait, what if I only do FS? We would love for you to try strength solution (SS), we can even make your SS program a little more cardio intensive. The strength room is getting BIGGER and we will have more equipment, including equipment for more cardio programming (push-sled, bikes, ergs, etc).  For the month of May, all FS members can try 4 SS classes to see if it’s something they would like to continue. Another option is to utilize the massive RARA open gym area (see video) for cardio. Eileen WILL also be running EMOM/cardio type classes at RARA so that will be another option. If you REALLY love FS-style workouts, and you don’t want to do or try anything else, we understand. Reach out to Jared ( and he will provide suggestions on local gyms that offer FS-style classes.
  3. Will the billing for the FS portion of my membership just stop? Yes, if you are an FS-only client your billing will END unless you change to SS before June 1st. If you have a combo membership the FS portion will be canceled.
  4. Is billing going to change in any other way? Our pricing is not changing in June, however, ALL AFS members need to have a RARA membership which is 10/month. If you have a large family at AFS and this additional cost is too much of a burden please reach out to Jared ( This 10/month actually adds a TON of value. RARA has state-of-the-art cardio equipment (bikes, treadmills, ellipticals) and a full gym of equipment that you will have full access to.
  5. Will you be closed at all? Unfortunately, yes.  Once our floor is set up at Four80 we will likely have to close for a few days while we move everything in.
  6. Still have questions? Reach out to Jared and he will set up a time to chat on the phone OR in person. We recognize that change can be really tough, we would like to ease the transition as much as possible 🙂

GoFundMe: Save Our Backs!

We can’t afford for one of us to get hurt moving all of our equipment to Four80. Check out our GoFundMe to hear more of the story and to help us hire pros to complete the big move. (Click the image!) 

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