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AFS Pricing Change & Unlimited WLS Option


Innovation Initiatives

As mentioned previously, continuing cutting-edge innovation is a significant element to ensuring you have the best client experience possible. In 2017 we successfully launched several initiatives to serve you better. Most significantly we: (1) launched our mobile app to allow for better communication with your practitioner, (2) integrated the InBody body composition analysis technology to speed up measurements, allowing more talk time between you and your practitioner, and (3) we rolled out an extensive health behavior coaching certification to provide your practitioner with better skills and techniques in the realm of health-behavior change.

2018 promises to be equally as exciting from an innovation standpoint. Further upgrades to our mobile app (such as exercise videos and health-behavior reporting) will put more information right at your fingertips. The development of on-demand educational resources will give you the knowledge you’re looking for at the click of a button. Finally, we’ll be finalizing the infrastructure to run “automated” WLS class throughout the day when we’re not able to have instructor-ran classes (before 6am, after 8pm, and between 1-3pm).

Additional Changes to Pricing Structure 

  • WLS Membership Drop-In Sessions: $12/session (currently $9.60)
  • FS Membership Drop-In Sessions: $18/session (currently $13.25)
  • SS Membership Drop-In Sessions: no change, still $23.65/sessions

Automatic Conversion to Unlimited Membership

Any current single member who is enrolled on a membership of more than 10 WLS sessions will be automatically converted to the $119 unlimited membership fee, as this is cheaper than purchasing single sessions. Similarly, any family who is enrolled on a membership of more than 18 WLS sessions will be automatically converted to the $199 unlimited membership fee (with a $15 fee for each additional family member beyond 2).

woman being trained on TRX by afs coach

Class Capacity Concerns due to Unlimited Membership

Based on extensive analysis of our class attendance trends all three facilities are currently at < 50% capacity, except for a handful of class times (representing < 5% of our total classes). We are more than prepared with adequate staffing to be able to accommodate the increased utilization associated with the unlimited memberships.

Larger Increase to Fitness Solution Pricing

You may notice that compared to Weight Loss Solution and Strength Solution that the price of our Fitness Solution class has gone up more substantially. In 2017 we made several upgrades to this class. Each client in Fitness Solution now has an individualized program and their progress is tracked and monitored by our Fitness Solution Instructors. This higher level of tracking means more positive adaptation outcomes for our clients and a more continuous experience than the past class structure. These changes alone require significantly more time for our staff to execute properly. To summarize, a more individualized approach to the Fitness Solution class requires a higher price point to maintain.

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