Adam is a great case of someone who elevated from intern to instructor. He started his journey at AFS by actually taking a class at Eastern Michigan University taught by none other than the AFS CEO, Mike Stack. He’s currently a fitness instructor here at AFS, so he’s responsible for helping everyone out with their form in class, making modifications for any orthopedic limitations, and providing the encouragement for you to get the most out of your class experience!

He originally fell in love with fitness after embarking on his own fitness journey, losing roughly 70 lbs in college! He originally went to school at HFCC to study journalism because he was pretty good at writing coming out of high school and it seemed like the appropriate subject to help balance school and playing baseball for the school. He got his Associate’s in journalism and then went to Eastern to study Early Elementary Education because he loves kids and, again, wanted to balance school and baseball–he played one year there before he was injured. He ended up changing his major to Exercise Science at Eastern–in the midst of his own fitness journey–with a minor in entrepreneurship and actually ended up taking a class that Mike Stack taught, which prompted him to take advantage of Mike’s offer for an AFS internship.

Why did you choose AFS?

I was talking to Mike in one of my exercise science classes and he mentioned that, if anyone wanted to intern at AFS, to sign up. At that point, I took advantage. I chose to stay at AFS beyond my internship because it’s an awesome community that has changed my mind about the world of fitness–I never really thought I’d be training people over the age of 30 since I originally wanted to train athletes as a Strength and Conditioning coach. This place definitely has changed my mind though!

What you can be found doing when you’re not at AFS?

When I’m not at AFS, I can be found lifting weights, going to concerts, exploring new music, spending time with family, or watching my sister play college hockey at St. Norbert in Wisconsin. Pretty much my life revolves around fitness–baseball, hockey, and sports in general.

What’s your secret talent?

I can make a clover with my tongue.

Favorite cheat meal: Macaroni and Cheese pizza because it brings the two best things in the world together!