Yoga in Rochester


It’s Happening!

After years of contemplation, we’re finally adding the missing piece to the exercise experience at AFS! We feel adding yoga provides much needed balance to an environment that we’re already proud of. We want our fitfam to take the time to slow down, look within, and challenge themselves in a different way.

Class Types (No Experience Needed!)

Yin/Slow Flow Yoga- a relaxing, gentle, restorative practice. A time for you to come back to your breath and calm your mind. A mix of slow flow and yin. Slow flow is intended to warm the body and link the breath with movement. Yin yoga involves holding passive postures for 1-5 minutes which does wonders for flexibility, joint health, circulation and mental clarity.

Vinyasa- a powerful energetic form of yoga when we will be fluidly moving from one pose to the next while still connecting breathing to the movement. We will warm up with Sun A and Sun B. We will build a couple longer flows focusing on standing and balancing postures with an opportunities to flow on our own throughout.


Have Unlimited FS Membership? Individuals who have Unlimited Fitness for $129 or Shared Memberships who have Unlimited Fitness as well get yoga included with their membership!!

Don’t Have Unlimited FS Membership? Fitness Solutions sessions will be INTERCHANGEABLE with Yoga sessions.

Member Drop in: $11
Non-Member: $20


Classes start on Tuesday, 12/3! Just as a reminder, our Unlimited Fitness Solution membership is $129, so if you’re on a lower membership, but want to increase your visits to benefit from the new yoga offering, you can contact Mikayla to alter your account!

Class Times (classes are 1-hour long)

Tuesday, 6:30pm – Yin Yoga with Eileen
Wednesday, 6:30pm – Vinyasa with Eileen
Thursday, 5:00pm- Yin Yoga with Eileen
Saturday, 10:30am- Vinyasa with Eileen

*** IMPORTANT: BYOM: Bring Your Own Mat. We will have some extras if you happen to forget!

A message from our Yoga Certified Instructor, Eileen

“Yoga means awareness.

Yoga means breathing with movement.

Yoga means being an observer of ourselves with non judgement.
Yoga has taught me the awareness I need to continue to evolve, understand and discover more about myself. Everything I practice on my mat can be used off my mat. I learned that in moments of discomfort I can find my calm steady breath that helps me get through anything. I learned that my feelings come and go because everything is temporary. I learned that my body is sacred and should be taken care of.


Yoga has helped me slow down and center myself.


Yoga has helped me move freely and shake off anything that doesn’t serve me.


Yoga has connected me with my true self and therefore has allowed me to connect better with others.


Yoga helps me take in the gift of each moment. 


I’m ready to share that gift <3″



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