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Virtual community. Real Workouts. Tailored to you.

Our History

Things change quickly sometimes. Looking at the photo accompanying this story in 2019 might have elicited thoughts about community, or fun events with friends; today the first thing that pops into our minds is a group of people not practicing social distancing. Certainly, life’s going to be a little complicated for awhile.

Just as it’s affected so many areas of our lives, the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we do fitness.  As restrictions loosen and lockdowns are lifted, people will be emerging from quarantine with a very unique personal challenge to solve. How can I keep myself safe while also getting healthier and more resilient? This by in-large will be a highly individualized decision as each person weighs their risk factors, age, and overall health status against the risks of doing the things they want to do out in public. Knowing this is the “new normal” we’re coming back to, AFS ensures we have an option for you. Whether you aren’t ready to leave home yet, you’re chomping at the bit to get back to the gym, or maybe you fall somewhere in between.

The base AFS membership, or as it’s referred to now: (contactless membership) includes access to the AFS community virtual hub where we host several live workouts each week you can do right from your living room. In home experiences ranging from yoga, to circuit training, even strength and stretching! Base members also get access to our signature outdoor “pop-up” workouts where you can socialize and exercise with friends out in the fresh air. The workout options are topped off with access to our members only forum and guidance from a degreed and certified personal coach we’ll pair you up with to ensure you have all the tools you need to get started. For $35 per month you’ll have the support you need to get moving again without ever having to set foot into one of our facilities.

Feel comfortable coming to one of our physical locations? Enroll in one of our traditional memberships and take part in some of the most highly reviewed exercise experience anywhere in southeast Michigan. Now with updated/scientifically vetted screening, sanitization, and distancing protocols in place.

Choose the workouts you’re interested in below!


We're always with you. Even at home.

What does that mean?
Whether it's writing you workouts for your basement, answering your nutrition questions in our community forum, or simply shooting you a message when we haven't seen you in class. We're here for you.

Getting Started



Feeling torn between getting healthier and staying safe during the Covid-19 era? Whether you're at high risk and don't want to be in a gym or you're eager to hit the workout floor, we'll use our virtual and in-person options to tailor a wellness experience to your unique needs.



All members get onboarded by a degreed and certified coach who will help you navigate all that AFS has to offer. Whether you don't know where to start, or you want comprehensive coaching; spend your first month with a pro that's dedicated to getting to know you and helping you move toward your goals at your pace.



How you move is up to you. We know some won't be comfortable coming to the gym. Thanks to our online "virtual hub" you can stay connected to our community AND stay on track. Our contactless membership includes numerous live virtual workouts each week, outdoor classes, and more. If you do feel safe coming in, check out our class options below!


Endless Support From a Caring Community
Helping you find the strength within.

Care comes standard. At AFS we realize every human has a story, and we care enough to slow down and truly get to know yours. We’ll use our people skills to understand you and our professional skills and knowledge to help you take control of your journey.

AFS Trainer helping client lose weight

Fitness Solution

What’s your why?

Do you want to gain back your confidence? Feel better in your daily activities? Maybe you just don’t want to be exhausted when you get home from work. Let us find the workout that fits you.

AFS Client Running in place


achieve a level of physical conditioning you never dreamed possible.

Our FSX group training class is a high-intensity, hybrid exercise setting combining strength training and cardio conditioning to challenge every aspect of your fitness. Translation: If you really like getting your butt kicked, we’ve got you.

Show Me
AFS Trainer assisting client

Strength Solution


A tailored routine made specifically for your goals, overseen by a trusted pro, except you do it in a small group so it costs way less than the same level of service any place else. It’s our best kept secret!

Tell Me More
Gym Stretching

Performance Solution

what is your motivation?

Future pros and Average Joes train here. High school and college sports, endurance events, and everything in between. You bring the goal, we’ll bring the science.

I’m ready


perfect for beginner exercisers, those recovering from injuries, and weekend warriors who want to feel better while doing their favorite activities. If you’ve been considering a yoga class, but are fearful you might not be ready for some of the poses, you should try yoga at AFS.

I’m ready
numbers never lie chart

By the Numbers,


This isn’t a diet, it’s your life. Our aim is to keep you focused on habit change and sustainability so you only have to do this once.

Not sure where to start?

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It’s easy and in less than five minutes, you’ll know what kind of workout you need.

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Get a free In-Person Consultation

We want to take the time to get to know you instead of rushing to sign you up for ten things you don't need. Let's take the time and get it right, you're worth it!

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