Bring back Club North Room

Since 2015, Claire Trapp has been elevating Group Fitness classes through exquisite exercise instruction and coaching matched with high energy music. Continuing into the fall and winter, Claire is opening up her Small Group Zoom classes to members of all 3 AFS facilities. Whether you enjoy TRX, HIIT, or cardio, are a beginner or more experienced, she’s got you covered!

Club North Room Fall Highlights! 


In February we reached MAX CAPACITY for our 5:15 P.M. class!

Sign up for your March classes before they fill up!

Higher-Level Coaching

If you are serious about changing some aspects of your life, Claire is accepting clients beginning in 2021. Over her 5 years with AFS, Claire has coached over 300 clients with varying goals and backgrounds. Her goal “is to teach you the skills and habits that work for your life. My goal is not to keep you forever, but for you to learn to be self-sufficient and find success outside of AFS.” – Claire

Starting in 2021, Claire Trapp is bringing Applied Fitness into a new era of virtual coaching. Based on the needs of clients in the past she has developed a 4-week GET BACK program as well as a 12-week LIFESTYLE CHANGE program. 

GET BACK program is a 4-week progression to get you back into the routine of regular exercise and healthier eating habits. This is not meant as a quick fix, but rather a source of accountability and guidance to help you do the things you know you should be doing. The 4-week program, $40, involves two 30-minute Zoom sessions. The first will set your goals and expectations and the second is meant to set you up for success moving out of the program. Throughout the month, Claire will set up your personalized progression of habits/exercise routine to get you back on track.

LIFESTYLE CHANGE takes time and effort from both the client and the professional guiding you forward. When you sign up for this $175, 12-week program, you can expect Claire to fully commit to your success, she only asks that you are ready as well. During your time together you will set up six 30-minute Zoom meetings centered around your own personalized program. Accountability, guidance, personalized workouts, and stretching routines, basic nutritional advice or planning, as well as answering all your questions with science and experience to back up your answers. Due to the time commitment on her end, Claire can only accept 8 clients every month. Please email her if you want to learn more and if it’s the right time for you.






H.I.I.T > High intensity is right! This 30-minute workout is geared towards the experienced exerciser looking for their next challenge. All programming and class cueing will be motivating and advanced.


Virtual Fitness Solutions> “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Whether you are using dumbbells or soup cans, bands or towels this class is going to give you a full-body workout. Claire will be with you the entire time giving you personal corrections that make you feel safe and confident. This class is programmed for all fitness levels.

Butts & Guts ~ Step Cardio

BUTTS & GUTS > The Fundamentals! The coaching and programming will be both educational and fundamental to help reduce back pain and activate every core muscle for every person.

Step Cardio

Step Cardio> “Work it, Ladies!” Quickly becoming Claire’s favorite class to teach! Programmed to be fast-paced but low impact. The use of a step is not required for fun!

Suspension Solution

Suspension Strength

SUSPENSION STRENGTH > do it right!  Form, technique, and intention will be Claire’s focus for this new 1-hour class. With a smaller class size, 10 people,  you will learn with confidence how to strengthen your entire body using a Suspension Trainer such as TRX or Lifeline Jungle Gym.

Suspension Challenge

SUSPENSION CHALLENGE > Tone and strengthen everything! The coaching and programming for this class is geared towards advanced exercisers already familiar with a suspension system, such as the TRX or Lifeline Jungle Gym xl. Each class will strengthen, tone, and keep you sweating.

Pricing Details

30-minute classes $15/session

1-Hour classes $25/session

GET BACK 4-week program:  $40

  • Initial 30-minute Zoom meeting to create your personalized plan and set up our communication frequency
  • a personalized workout calendar and nutritional goals
  • 1 30-minute Zoom personalized workout OR an exit meeting to hold you accountable to your future workouts

LIFESTYLE CHANGE 12-week program: $175

limited availability

  • Initial 30-minute Zoom meeting to create your personalized plan and set up our expectations and goals for the next few months.
  • Throughout the program, each client will have three, 30-minute personal training sessions via Zoom.
  • Two more 30-minute Zoom sessions to be used as additional PT sessions or more in depth habit and lifestyle changes and accountability.
  • 12-week personalized calendar with daily and weekly goals.
  • Every person as well as program is different. If you are interested to learn more set up your complimentary 30-minute Zoom meeting today by emailing

How to Register for Classes

  • Ann Arbor members can view availability and sign-up for any class using our mobile app (AFS connect) or through their CMS account. (link below)

Access CMS Here

  • Plymouth & Rochester members can email with their desired class & time and will be manually inserted into the class provided there’s an opening.

Stay Gold, friends!