Zach Ottman is a Fitness Practitioner at our AFS Rochester Hills location.
Zach studied Journalism at Oakland University, where he graduated with a
bachelor’s degree. While working in the marketing and sales field after college, Zach developed a passion for fitness that led him to AFS and his role as a practitioner. Zach hopes to continue his fitness education and looks forward to helping people on their fitness journey as part of the AFS team.

Why I’m Here

I’m here to make sure people have fun! The gym should be a healthy and
enjoyable way for people to relieve stress and unwind. You never know what
kind of a day someone is having, so I want everyone to look forward to the
gym the same way I do.

What I do When I’m Not Here

When I’m not working or working out, I’m usually at home reading a good
book, or hanging out with friends and family. I love to get outdoors in the
warmer months, and I love to swim since I live on a lake!

Favorite Part of AFS Culture

I love the family atmosphere! Everyone here is so supportive and good to
each other, and that can be difficult to find in other gyms. It’s awesome to see such a selfless and caring community of people.