Trent Taylor is responsible for managing clients with their health and fitness goals and creating a fun, comfortable environment for them to strive. He represents the core values of AFS and coaches his clients to achieve their goals through nutritional intervention, appropriate exercise prescription, education on current trends in fitness, and keeping them accountable to their goals they set out to do. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from University of Michigan Dearborn and is currently finishing his Masters in exercise Science from Oakland University.

While at Dearborn he discovered he had a passion for helping those in need, whether it be with school, advice about work, or just a pair of ears to listen. After his undergrad career he continued his passion for helping others with kids, ages 7 to 17 for close to three years. In early 2015 he decided to take his passion for helping others and apply to a personal hobby of his, health and fitness. After finishing his Personal Trainer Certification he found AFS and started to apply his education and personality to becoming a Fitness Practitioner.

Being hired in to help open the third facility in this company in 2016, Trent thrived and aided in creating a new fitness experience for the Rochester Hills community.

If asked, Trent will tell you that the best part of AFS is the family feel to the company. Making a 40 minute commute to work 5 days a week seems daunting to a lot of people, but with the growth, support, and joy that AFS offers, it makes each trip worth it.

Why I’m Here:

Making a difference in someone’s life is an irreplaceable experience and AFS allows me to live in this each day I’m there. Each new client I meet offers a new relationship, exciting challenges, and new goals to reach.

What I’m doing when I’m not here:

I’m always trying to keep busy. Whether it’s beard maintenance, online gaming, house cleaning, dog training or bonfires with Kelly, I’m always keeping myself occupied.

Favorite part of AFS Culture:

In a word, joy. My favorite core value that AFS represents, joy is shown in every single person who both works here and is a member. I feel I’ve found a very rare, and nurturing environment that isn’t expressed in any other company. Enjoying what you do is half the battle to a happy life.