Initially Theresa joined AFS as a client.  She loved the environment so much that she wanted to be a part of the administrative team and help others experience all of the great things that AFS has to offer.  Theresa is one of the first faces that you will see when you walk through the doors of AFS Rochester. She’s there to greet you and help you with anything you need to manage your account or workout schedule.

Theresa received her Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from GMI (now Kettering University) and worked for many years in the automotive industry before stepping away to stay home with her four boys while they were young. While she is not directly using her degree today, she is always looking for ways to make the client experience at AFS as efficient as possible.

She is passionate about people, families and their overall well-being.  She has a strong desire to help people achieve their goals and live their best lives by encouraging them and cheering them on.


I love people!  I love meeting people, talking to them and learning about them.  I love helping people, encouraging them and connecting them to others.  Life is not meant to be traveled alone so the more we know and connect with each other the better our journey will be!


I’m a wife, a mom, a sister and a daughter – so, when I’m not working or working out at AFS I am trying to keep up with my family.  I’m also doing what I can to stay connected to my friends. In my spare time I like to read, do puzzles, and be outside – even in the Michigan winters!  And I love to nap – nothing beats a good nap!!


I love the energy and fun at AFS!  It’s what kept me coming here as a client and one of the things that made me want to be a part of the staff too : )