Paul Porth was first introduced to the fitness world from an athletic performance perspective since training for football in high school. Paul started noticing the benefits of regular exercise and became interested in learning more about proper nutrition and training. His passion for fitness led him to pursue a degree in this field. Paul is currently attending Oakland University and plans to graduate with a Bachelors in Exercise Science in 2019.

Shortly after joining AFS Paul completed his Strength Solution instructor training and began to teach his first classes. You’ll find Paul teaching or assisting the Strength Solution class, working out in the Strength Solution room and helping out around the facility.

Why I’m Here

Having a positive impact on someone’s life is something that I will always cherish. AFS gives me the ability to come into work and create relationships, have fun, and help others achieve their goals.

What I’m Doing When I’m Not Here

I usually spend time doing something outdoors. Whether it’s fishing, hiking or biking getting fresh air and disconnecting from society for a few hours helps me make it through each week. 

Favorite Part of AFS Culture

My favorite part of the AFS culture is the sense of being part of a family. Members and staff get along so well and everyone is very understanding. It is great working in an environment where everyone puts their heart into their work.