Maya joined the AFS team as a fitness instructor, helping people through their journey of establishing a healthy lifestyle in a fun and effective way. She currently teaches Weight Loss Solutions at AFS Rochester.

Maya grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and lived in Mainz, Germany as a child. She moved to Michigan at 13-years-old, just a week before starting her first day of high school. Terrifying? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Moving, having to adapt to different places and meeting new people from all over the world has been something she values every day. Because sports aren’t taken as seriously in Brazil until the athlete reaches a fairly high level, Maya got to play every sport from handball and soccer to ballet and gymnastics. She discovered a passion for being active at a young age, and although she has a degree in Journalism, she found her way to the fitness world, where she always feels at home.


I love seeing people surprise themselves with their own abilities and accomplish new things. There’s nothing better than people’s happiness and excitement when they achieve a goal they have.


When I’m not here, you can find me coaching cheer-leading at my former high school, Troy Athens. Having gone through the program, it’s been so much fun to be on the other side while continuously learning more and more about the sport I love so much. I’m also very grateful to be able to pass on what I know to the current athletes. I also love going on weekend getaways and Skyping my family in Brazil.


The comradery, the passion and the teamwork. The moment you walk in you can feel that it’s a place where people want to help each other, and it’s not just employees, but all clients as well. The atmosphere and everyone here bring me happiness and I always leave AFS with a smile on my face.