As part of Plymouth’s administrative staff, Maranda is responsible for handling all the detailed paperwork at the front desk, answering the phone, cleaning the facility, helping out in the childcare room, and making sure to greet every client with a smile to help make every visit at AFS a positive one. She currently attends Schoolcraft College, where she’s working towards getting into physical therapy school. She wants to help those who have gone through something similar as her when she hurt her back and had to go through physical therapy herself.

Why did you choose AFS?

I have a passion for exercise and nutrition and I was looking to work part-time at a gym around here. When I came across AFS, it stood out because it was an opportunity to incorporate everything I’m passionate about into a job. Once I met the people here, I just knew this was where I was meant to be. Everyone is so kind, helpful, and truly cares about the clients.

What can you be found doing outside of AFS?

I can be be found spending time with friends and family, usually trying out some new, exciting activity–I’m really open to try anything.

Favorite cheat meal?

Definitely Halo Top ice cream!