Krysta is an intern and fitness instructor, so you can find her teaching classes or simply working with our other staff to learn the ropes of the fitness industry. She earned herAssociate’s of Liberal Arts from Rochester Community & Technical College in Minnesota. Nowadays, she’s a senior at Eastern Michigan University who’s studying Sport Performance Fitness & Entrepreneurship. Before she started high school, she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, so that encouraged her to start working out. She didn’t like it at first, but she loved it when she found Zumba. It inspired her to help others feel the same way she started to love feeling after a workout, which really helped turn her life around. At such a young age, she felt lucky because that revelation often happens a lot later in life for people.

Why did you choose AFS?

Someone came into one of my classes at Eastern who was actually an intern at AFS Ann Arbor a few years ago. She was explaining how things ran there, so it sounded great to me and I kept AFS in the back of my mind when I started to apply for internships. Fast forward a few years later, I sent my resume and cover letter to Mike Stack, then came in to check out the Plymouth location. I felt that AFS really aligned with what I’m passionate about, which is helping people who otherwise are sedentary to create healthy habits. It hit home for me, especially with all the fads out there in the fitness industry, so I was excited to land the internship.

What can you be found doing outside of AFS?

Well, I’m getting ready to get married next year! I originally got into fitness through Zumba because I love to dance. I also love working out. Those are the big things, but I also love spending time with family and I also really enjoy cooking–in fact, I just started making my entire meal plan for a whole month at a time.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

I would love to go a Spanish-speaking country in Latin America to live/work there for a couple months. I really like the culture down there and I was really into learning Spanish in high school. When I went to Mexico earlier this year, I really liked learning the language because it really resonates with me. I love Latin music/dancing and have actually done Latin music classes.

Secret talent: I can do the splits, dance well, and walk on my hands!