Julianna joined our team to be a welcoming and positive face at the front desk.  She hopes to extend the family feel of AFS into the lobby. Julianna is currently the front desk coordinator and a Weight Room Assistant.

At five years old, Julianna was put on a swim team and excelled at it for many years. As she got older, she lost her love for the sport and felt lost. In middle school, she developed an eating disorder, however, that experience ended up opening the doors for her to find her new passion: powerlifting. Four years later, she is now a world ranked powerlifter, placing 4th at the IPF Classic World Championships in June of 2018. She holds several USAPL Michigan State Records and plans to continue competing for many years. She loves helping others with their nutrition/fitness programs and aspires to one day take on the coaching role as well.

Why I’m Here

I believe everyone deserves to achieve their dreams. I want to be a face and a smile that motivates them to do so. 

What I am doing when I am not here

When I’m not here, I’m probably at the gym or enjoying different foods. I spend a lot of time training for my competitions, and I love the work that goes into prepping for them. With training comes eating for it, and I absolutely love trying new foods and cuisines. Recently, I’ve found my love for Mediterranean food and all types of sushi as well. If I’m not training or eating, I’m definitely trying to enjoy as much of my final year of high school as I can.

Favorite part of AFS culture

My favorite part of AFS is just how friendly and inviting everyone is. Everyone here is so knowledgeable and wants to help in any way they can. I hope to portray this as well!