Eileen McNally first stepped into the fitness world after she decided to quit dancing at 12 years old.  Eileen started practicing Yoga at the local gym where she grew up in Brighton, Michigan. She began to understand the power of movement and started venturing out of her comfort zone by taking group exercise classes.  Weightlifting and a variety of classes, such as cycling, kickboxing, step aerobics and Tabata-style workouts, helped Eileen realize her passion for fitness.

Eileen walked through the doors of AFS intending to bring the Barbelles of Oakland University (a women’s weightlifting group) to try the Fitness Solution class, but instead found herself handing her resume to Nate. Of course, the Barbelles still came to take class and it ended up being the biggest event for the organization!  Eileen continued to work for AFS throughout her academic career and in December 2017, she graduated from Oakland University with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

Today, you’ll see Eileen instructing our new Yoga classes, Fitness Solution, Strength Solution as well as doing private yoga experiences for groups. You will also see Eileen taking classes herself, or lifting weights in the Strength Solution room. (She really means it when she calls AFS her second home.)

Why I am here

I feel that everyone deserves to feel strong—both mentally and physically. I want everyone to fully grasp how to practice self-care while experiencing the joy of being surrounded by people who lift them up. Knowing that I can potentially play a part in reshaping someone’s life to be more healthy and fulfilling is an indescribable feeling. I believe in you! But you have to believe in you too.

What I’m doing when I’m not here

Yoga! I teach yoga at Oakland University and I practice daily. There are some days I ditch the weights and just breathe, stretch, and recenter my mind. I went through the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification in April of 2018. If I’m not doing yoga, I am spending quality time with best friend and love of my life. We love to go on adventures, enjoy concerts, and travel as much as we can 🙂 I also love to spend time at my parent’s house in Brighton. The family is everything to me. 

My favorite part of AFS culture

 Everyone is truly welcomed, and not just on day one. Each and every day we are seriously excited to see each other! At AFS, you feel safe to be who you are and truly connect with those around you. Conversations are genuine; everyone actually wants to know how you’re doing. I value the relationships I’ve made and I’m grateful to work in a space where I feel at home.