Cassie Kish is responsible for providing clients with the tools to achieve their desired health and fitness goals. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Clinical Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University. Cassie is a fitness practitioner at AFS Rochester Hills.

Cassie has been active her entire life through dance and running. She ran varsity cross country in high school, which led to running 2 half marathons after college. She also danced in Grand Valley’s Dance Troupe for 3 years. Cassie loves what being active does for her physically, mentally, and emotionally- it gives you that solid foundation to perform your best in all aspects of life.

At AFS, Cassie enjoys teaching Weight Loss Solutions, Strength Solutions, and Fitness Solutions classes as well as health coaching her clients through various life obstacles in order to fit in a healthy diet and workouts.

Why I’m Here

I love helping people feel better. Exercising is the best medicine- for body, mind, and soul.

What I’m Doing When I’m Not Here

Photography and Traveling! I love freezing moments in time to relive again and again. Capturing families, children, newborns, couples, and individual’s personalities brings so much joy to my life. Traveling and seeing the rest of the world has opened my eyes to so much culture and diversity- I can’t get enough!

Favorite Part of AFS Culture

I enjoy the positive, joyful environment and the way everyone is treated like family.