Brook is a Fitness Practitioner here at AFS, meaning she works with clients behind-the-scenes to help them reach and go beyond their fitness goals. While she’s not instructing classes with a type of upbeat energy only Brook can bring to the table, she’s checking in with her clients and making sure they’re on the right plans to meet their nutritional needs, writing them “homework” workouts, or meeting with them in-person to assess their current plans.

Before she came to AFS, she graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Community Health Education. She went into that field because she simply liked fitness and it seemed like a field that was engaging to her. After college, she worked for a foster care agency as a nutritionist and recreation care coordinator. Fast forward a few years later, AFS came in.

Why did you choose AFS?

My friend, Connie–who also works here–told me about AFS. I was looking for a career path that had much more to do with fitness and one that would help me apply the science behind fitness to my career. She reached out to me when she knew that AFS was hiring more fitness practitioners, so I sent Devin an email and that’s when the process started. I moved 8 hours away from home because AFS is just different–I’ve never been to a gym atmosphere that had this model and I fell in love with it. After the first day of shadowing, I was fully invested in this being the next stage of my life.

What you can be found doing outside of AFS?

I enjoy woodworking–I like to build stuff. I also love playing basketball and walking my dog. I have a girl golden retriever named Fisher who’s only a year old. I also like exploring the Detroit area and trying to meet new people.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Jet’s Pizza with pineapple and banana peppers, definitely.