Andy Esho is responsible for making you sweat, just kidding; no, but seriously, he is. On a day to day basis, Andy provides the best experience he can for all of you. You can find him in the strength training room or in the weight loss room cueing and critiquing clients form and posture while motivating and encouraging them. Behind the scenes, Andy is formulating new workout programs and answering emails, keeping all of his clients on track to the best of his abilities.

Why I’m Here

For the first half  of my life I had to deal with being verbally and physically abuse. I found myself trying to find meaning in my life and did not find interest in the normal day to day functions. Luckily for me, I enrolled myself in a strength and conditioning class during my freshman year of high school.  Being in a class with the senior football players is where I discovered that I loved lifting weights and enjoyed seeing the physical changes my body was going through. Later on, the bullying stopped and my confidence went straight up. I thought that I would love to make a difference in peoples lives through fitness and wellness, turns out, I was right! Thanks to Trent, I found AFS!

What I’m Doing When I’m Not Here

I am spending time with my wife and our dog going for walks at Stoney Creek Metro Park. My wife and I also love to travel. A part from that, I am working out and setting goals for myself and also managing my college education in the process.  I will graduate with a Masters degree in Exercise Science this year.

Favorite Part of AFS Culture

My favorite part of the AFS culture is making a difference in all of my clients lives using all of the talents and abilities I have acquired over the course of my 3 decades on earth.