As the administrative manager of AFS Plymouth, Allison is in charge of making sure that every client gets the most optimal customer service possible. She also handles all the front desk responsibilities including staff scheduling, paperwork, billing, membership changes, and inventory. Outside of AFS, Allison is currently a full-time student at Eastern Michigan University, where she’s studying Exercise Science and is hoping to go into a Physical Therapy program afterwards.

Why did you choose AFS?
I found out through a friend that AFS Plymouth was hiring, so when I started working here, I actually didn’t know much about the company–I just figured I loved fitness and helping people, so this would be a perfect fit. As I started working, the environment and the people made me stay. Originally, I wanted to go into nursing, but working at AFS has helped me realize that I want to go into something more along the lines of preventative medicine and working in a biomechanical perspective, such as physical therapy.

What can you be found doing outside of AFS?
When I’m not at AFS, I can be found in school, traveling, or painting. I like to travel simply because I love new experiences; any new experience that comes my way, I take advantage of it. Painting is just something I’ve done forever because it frees my mind and acts as a wonderful stress reliever.

Favorite cheat meal?
Any pasta (fettucine alfredo is my all-time favorite) and chocolate ice cream!