Pop-Up Workouts are Back in Rochester!

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The fresh air. The smell of grass. The music bumpin’ from a distance. As you get out of your car and make the trip towards the AFS-mobile and the tent with your favorite Agents of Change waiting to greet you, you can’t help but think, “Dang, this is special.”

We were pretty excited for this to be a regular occurrence again until COVID-19 made a name for itself around the world. Fortunately, we’re easing back into things and, carefully, we’re excited to bring back a true staple of our community: the pop-up workout!

While this is an exciting time for our community, we want to make sure everyone knows that your safety is our top priority and we are taking this pandemic very seriously. Hence, there will be some guidelines (big blue button below) that we hope all pop-up attendees will respect moving forward to ensure we can max out the fun and the safety of everyone involved!


  • Workouts will be ~1 hour long: warm-up, stations, core, and stretching… just like your favorite AFS Fitness Solution classes, but outdoors!
  • Pop-up workouts are free to anyone who wants to join! That said, any and all donations (accepted through our GoFundMe page) are supremely appreciated and will help us continue these and other services as we navigate the new “normal” moving forward.
  • Please bring your own mats and water bottles! Being outdoors increases the difficulty and effectiveness of proper sanitizing procedures, so we want to make sure we err on the side of caution with this one.
  • We require all attendees to review our COVID-19 Code of Conduct/Guidelines below before working out with us***


  • Who: Our whole AFS FitFam (which includes you, if you’re reading this)! In other words, all are welcome
  • What: Fresh air fitness!
  • Where: Outside AFS Facility (1136 S Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307)
  • When: Saturday, September 19th at 10:30am
  • Why: To get back into the swing of group exercise safely and in a fun way with friends!

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Want to stay up to date on the AFS community? or want to get the latest workout trends and tips directly to your email? Join Our Newsletter.

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