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Outdoor Exercise & COVID-19: Staying Safe While Getting Healthy AA

Client Code of Conduct

  1. All attendees are required to perform temperature and symptom screening prior to attending an outdoor AFS workout. A temperature of > 100.4 °F –AND/OR- answering yes to any of the questions below means the attendees shouldn’t exercise for the period of time defined by #2 below:
    • Have I been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
    • Am I experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
    • Have I had a fever in the last 48 hours?
    • Have I had new loss of taste or smell?
    • Have I had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?
  2. If answering yes to any of the above questions (from #1) -AND/OR- running a fever of > 100.4 °F, attendees cannot participate in an AFS outdoor workout until:
    • They’ve had no fever for three days (without taking medication); AND
    • Any respiratory symptoms (cough and shortness of breath) have improved for at least three (3) days; AND
    • At least seven (7) days have passed since the symptoms began.
  3. Attendees who are not living in the same household are required to maintain a 9-12 foot social distance between themselves and other exercisers (note the greater distance is necessary due to increased respiration during exercise). This means that, at all times, from arrival to departure, we will unfortunately have to wait to give hugs and high fives. We hope to get back to those soon!
  4. Mask are optional. Attendees can choose to wear them if that increases their comfort level. Please note the current guidance from the CDC is leaning towards optional mask use during moderate to heavy exercise; however, they have not finalized this guidance yet.
  5. Attendees are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer to the workouts and use frequently.
  6. Attendees are encouraged to be aware of sneezing and coughing into their arm and away from other clients.
  7. Attendees will need to provide their own mat, water bottle, towel, and any other equipment they would like to bring. AFS will not be providing equipment due to the inability to disinfect properly outdoors.
  8. If an attendee is diagnosed with COVID-19 after coming to an outdoor AFS workout, they are strongly encouraged to contact their facility General Manager to inform them of the exposure. AFS will perform contract tracing as appropriate based on CDC guidance.
    • Ann Arbor: Kemper (kemper@4afsfit.com)
    • Plymouth: Devin (devin@4afsfit.com)
    • Rochester Hills: Jared (jared@4afsfit.com)
  9. Attendees who are over the age of 60 and/or immunocompromised are encouraged to avoid attending outdoor workouts due to the increased risk of virus transmission. Contact your practitioner for alternative workout options.
  10. Attendees with significant orthopedic limitations are encouraged to carefully consider attendance due to the potential inability to make modifications easily, given equipment limitations. Questions regarding the appropriateness of attending can be directed to your facility General Manager.
  11. Attendees are respectfully asked to report any concerns they have with staff members onsite, rather than attempt to police any issues themselves.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to exercising safely with you!

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