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Sports & Performance Nutrition

Nutrition for Athletic Performance

Achieving peak performance requires balancing the body’s nutritional needs with the demands of everyday life and the demands of your sport. The Applied Fitness Solutions Nutrition for Athletic Performance program will enable you to achieve the perfect balance between a healthy diet and performing at your best.

Fuel for Your Sport

Proper sport nutrition can be challenging when you’re constantly on the move. To develop your AFS Nutrition for Athletic Performance program, an AFS Nutritionist will work with you, the foods you already eat, your lifestyle, and the metabolic demands of your sport. The resulting program will be uniquely designed to provide you with the fuel your body needs to perform at its best.

Science is the Secret

Your AFS Nutritionist will calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), as well as the energy you expend through the various activities performed throughout your day. Using these figures and the metabolic demands of your sport, your nutritionist will determine an optimum daily Calorie range as well as nutrient timing strategies to aid in reaching your athletic performance goals.

Education for Success

More than a healthy diet, your AFS sports performance nutrition program will arm you with knowledge. Weekly food log analysis will help keep you focused and motivated. Specific strategies for meal planning, nutrient timing, nutritional supplements, and nutritional myth-busting will help you avoid potential pitfalls. Everything about your Nutrition for Athletic Performance program is designed to keep you healthy and energized while competing at an optimum level.

Discover how the Applied Fitness Solutions Nutrition for Athletic Performance program can help you perform at your best. Schedule your no-obligation consultation!


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