November Billing & Membership Changes

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AFS To Resume Billing November 1st

Hello clients and friends, we hope you’ll bookmark this page and come back to this video when you have time. In the video above, our team explains in detail the current state of the company. In short, we projected a drop in member attendance by 40-50% coming out of the Covid lockdown. Sadly, for a myriad of reasons that number has ended up being closer to 85%. This means we are currently servicing 10-15% of the clients we were servicing pre-pandemic. These numbers are not sustainable for our business. On November 1st we will be returning to our monthly billing cycle which means anyone who has not canceled or altered their membership will be billed their pre-pandemic membership rate. We are sending this communication to give you ample time to make changes to your account which you can do by using the form at the bottom of this page (Please follow the instructions provided). We will also be sending communications via SMS text.

The November 1st billing is more or less the final piece of information our team needs to make decisions about the future of AFS. If the November autopay matches the usage trends from the past month, drastic change will be required and in the case of our newest location (Rochester) we may have to close in the coming months. The fate of all of our locations lies with how many AFS members stay on with us. In saying that, we completely understand the world we’re all living in and certainly accept whatever decision is best for you and your family. Below are some points we’ve come up with in desperation to make a case for keeping you engaged.

Hurdles to Returning

  •  Class Times

You may have noticed AFS schedules have changed. We’re watching class attendance closely and adding classes where needed as more of our members return. Reach out to the team and let us know what time you’re looking for if the current schedule doesn’t meet your needs. It will help us immensely!

  • masks

We’ve learned that there are many perspectives in the mask conversation. Certainly all of those perspectives are valid and we empathize with all of them! Mask mandate or not, we will do our best to provide comfort to our community and we welcome your feedback. If you’re leery to try exercising in a mask we hope you’ll try a class or two. If the experience doesn’t make you feel good, AFS will refund you!

  • Not Ready to go to a gym

Please consider engaging with our virtual options. This lower cost option will still provide you support and structure during these times while also helping sustain AFS!

  • I don’t want to come right now, but want AFS to be there when I come back

If you have the means, consider staying on with us at $35/month. (*Shared accounts will be additional $15/month for each shared member) This will give you access to our virtual offerings while making a massive difference to our monthly revenue. We know we’re going to lose a lot of members. The more members who can find ways to stay involved, the more likely AFS is to survive the downturn.

  • Can’t afford it

PLEASE reach out to us. If a financial hardship stands in the way of you and your wellness, we will do anything we can to help you whether that means covering the cost of your membership, devising an at home plan, etc. For AFS to survive, our community has to thrive. Without you, our community will cease to exist.


Fill out the form below by October 20th if you need any membership changes.

If you are curious to know what your current membership is, Plymouth members reach out to, Rochester members reach out to, and Ann Arbor members reach out to either Connie or Mikayla!

On the form below, be sure to: 

Include how many sessions you, and any shared member on the account, would like per week. Please specify the session type that you would like(Fitness Solutions and/or Strength Solutions). If wanting a freeze, include the length time you would like your account to be on freeze; 1, 2 or 3 months. Note if you would like the change permanently (new membership from now on until changed again) or temporary (let us know for how long, once that temp change is done it will revert back to original membership). *Make sure to include changes for shared members as well*

Oops! We could not locate your form.

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